A real life hurricane kick

at 3:08

pretty nice. Never seen it done going to the outside. I’ve seen two guys who can do it well kicking inward. This one is a first for me.

I’m pretty sure some of those old wushu masters can do an aerial-style one. Some of them can jump ridiculously far/high.

aerial style one?

anyone yeah wushu guys MIGHT be able to do this, because they are physically able to. they have the jump height, good spinning technique to pull it off. but not all tricks that could physically do, do they end up doing. most wushu guys dont end up finding some of the moves we tricksters make. i found that some wushu guys hate tricksters, but that was way back in 2003. the korean tigers are prolly the #1 candidates to run our tails, since they got into our style of moves.

do you gotta post this everywhere maxx and remind me i cant even get anywhere near practicing this shit anymore? ha ha

hows it coming along?

i pretty much have it down. i just need to drill it more…ive only done it about 4x. ill have it ready by the time my sampler is ready to be released sept6.

Kyokuji: im not sure i get what u mean since an aerial is a type of flip and this is a kick.

good shit man. im not suprised this wasnt done earlier. it is def a lovely move though.

i dont like making samplers but i gotta ask why do you have a certain date for your sampler. its ur bday isnt it?

happy bday to you happy bday…

since my accident ive been trying not to look at ANY tricking vids…other than the ones that fall on my lap on youtube

edit: im proud of you son, im proud

It looked a bit like a Hurricane kick. But more so, he pretty much did what Roger does in Tekken 5 (u/f+3,3), that was motion captured.

I meant aerial as in the ST air hurricane where they float instead of going straight across (since that’s impossible). Wasn’t talking about the cartwheel-ish thing.

540 nothing. Here’s a 900 at 40 seconds

It was basically an instant air hurricaine. It would be entirely possible to do a jump in hurricaine, as it’s only one rotation. Not so sure about forward motion though, arial or ground…


Real life Street Fighters. If I ever saw someone bust that out in a real fight I would give them a real life premmy account.

I’ve never seen that before since I dont play much Tekken. i youtubed tekken 5 roger kick and couldnt find a vid

true that. i doubt anyone would do this in a fight, but if some dude did this before the fight i’d go crazy and id call out me and my boys to go jump the other guy for the tricking dude.

i saw that a long time ago. who said something about 540s? we call that a cheat 1080 and ur right it is 900 degrees. the guy in max’s clip does that but he unchambers his leg the whole way through.

If only someone would use that in a fight.

lol that wasnt a 900 that was a cheat 1080. i do those without looking like im about to fall the fuck over.

but i love that samp anyways. leader of the korean tigers is beastly.

he doesnt know any better. to most people’s terminology they always count the rotation since they dunno the names.

also that samp is mad old so i give that guy props. some moves that are easy today werent so easy back then. the samp is 2 years old right? when terada went gung ho and started giving the secrets to the tigers

wasnt just terada. it was team extreme it was like mindy kellyy,steve,rudy reynon,marc c and some others who went to korea a few years back and battled the k-tigers…and members of gambler bboy crew…and heres the result the first korean tricking gathering.

why do koreans get fully absorbed into anything we give them.

ha ha im not stupid man. terada was the main one i meant. everyone saw that battle.

i dont know if u saw it since it was just released like a week ago.

i was talking about maybe 2004ish when terada started teaching korea. and the battle with rudy that you mentioned. the new one i didnt see but im not gunna watch it til im ready but thanks for the link anyway. in the beginning and maybe a lil bit now, i didnt want the koreans to pick it up so fast since they seem to own the world at most other physicaly creative things. i can see in a few more years they can def be better than us. kicking and tkd is just their thing, tricking the way we do it is straight up their alley