A Real newbie

So I’m just getting into the stick modding scene. I don’t own ANY sticks whatsoever yet. I’m trying to get a HRAP EX or FightStick Ex2 for the Xbox 360 but it’s either all sold out or too expensive. What do you guys rec. me to do? Plus should I spend a lot for the HRAP EX2 when I’m a beginner ? or upgrade to it later? Thanks.

Get a good stick early. You’ll get frustrated with the poor quality of bad sticks early.

Buy it, try it, if you like it keep it… if not, mod that bitch up.

Tear it apart like a new piece of ass in prison.

Lol. Oh wow. Mmm so I’m guessing go with the xbox 360, HRAP ex? Well the prices are a bit high and I’ve been searching for about 2 weeks for the sticks but they are still out of stock everywhere. :confused: mmm I’m not new to soldering nor modding stuff. (I have somewhat a forte in soldering and modding things :]). I guess I have to wait to get a HRAP EX for the 360. Mmmm…

Btw, whats the template sizes for the picture art? I’ve searched yet I haven’t found it. Trying to mod it so i can make my picture now and wait anxiously for my HRAP to be in stock.

There should be a thread in this forum with the template, however I’m not sure of that. I really haven’t had the pleasure of playing on many HRAPs… but nothing is quite as satisfying as a custom stick, in terms of play feel and look.

Like the madcatz SE stick? I’ve seen so many of those cases getting torn apart since they were supplied with shitty parts.