A really detailed description on how to assemble and install the SOCD Cleaner?

The one in the SOCD Cleaner thread is really vague and the pictures that other people post dont make any sense

It’s pretty simple. The four resistors go in R1-R4, you solder the you solder the 74HC04 and 74HC14 to it says on the board, match where the key is (the circular indentation) between the chips and the image on the board.
Everything else is as cleanly spelled out on the board as can be.

Yeah, it’s really simple. The only thing worth reiterating is the solder jumper on the bottom of the board, and not installing R1 if you’re using it with a PS360+ board.

If you’re finding the original instruction difficult, then what you’re really having trouble with is basic electronics and soldering. If that is the case, just google for a soldering how-to guide.