A request 4 av


If someone finds the time…you think you could hook me up with a ava with of gara from naruto…or if its eaiser haohmaru from cvs2 doing his winning pose either or is cool an well i guess no rush if someone is gonna do it hit me back.
Rashard (reljin)


I will give tha garaa one a try;)


thanks man well then when its done hit me with a pm


human, if you dont mind can i make the haohmaru one. i would just like to help a fellow baltimorian out:D.

hey rel jin, you know otakon’s going to be at the convention center july 30th - aug 1st




yeah…im gonna head to the con…smash i few people in cvs2 and ggx then show off my manga…thanks for helping me out bro
Rashard. (reljin)


here you go, i couldn’t find that haohmaru sprite.


hey man this is still cool, much thanks bro looks slick as hell