A request from an average player: have plenty of free play consels and/or machines

Like you didn’t have enough to worry about already. I know machines and boards come at a premium so this is definitely a tall order. Let’s face it though, 95% of us are average at best and we end up being eliminated early with nothing to do. While the tournament finals are exciting to watch, watching pools A, B and C eliminate all their Blanka and Sagat scrubs is mind-numbing at best. One of the best parts of any tournament is free play against tournament caliber opponents (minus the pressure). This has been a problem at past tournaments and it bugs the hell out of me. This might take some effort from the players themselves (as far as providing hardware). It’s something I feel should be addressed and can be easily overlooked in the planning (correct me if I’m wrong).


I think the correct response would be: If you want, bring your own. Nobody involved with running the tournament should be expected to babysit a console on top of keeping things running smooth.

Wes- I believe that Sirlin will bring his Dreamcast +Mas sticks, and of course ST.:smiley:

I might bring mine.(same Items above).

babysitting you’re own equipment sucks but if you want to play, it may be necessary to BYOSF. I just wanted to bring this up right away so people keep it in mind. If you do plan on coming, plan on being there 10+ hours a day and probably playing less then an hour of that under normal conditions. With more consels/machines available, hopefully the amount of “playtime” will increase for everyone. Super Guns, DC’s etc. are pretty plentiful throughout the community, its TV’s and machines that are hard to come by.


there is an arcade downstairs from the ballroom, to accompany your boredom.

free play

…yeah but is it gonna be free play?:confused:

free play

Not to sound like a bitch or anything, but I have to agree. If there’s gonna be a $20 entry fee or something like last year, then we should get some games on free play (I assume it would be too difficult to rig them to work for nickels or whatever).

free/casual play is something that might be good for the players, but not feasible at all at an organizer’s standpoint. you guys are going to a national tournament. the keyword there is tournament. you go to compete, and if you happen to lose, that’s it. your presence is no longer required. if you wish to stay and watch the top players play, then that’s your choice. while you’re sitting and being bored, the organizers are still busy tending to the competitors. they neither have the time nor the money to institute something that could potentially distract them. besides, when was casual play necessary at tournaments? it’s a TOURNAMENT. do you expect to be able to play basketball while attending march madness? [this example isnt an exact comparison, but the idea of a TOURNAMENT should still shine through] really, just look at the viewpoint of the organizers. it’s not their main concern, and its also not that easy to please everyone.

your only option is to bring your own DCs and TVs, granted the environment/organizers give permission.

It’s as simple as this: DON’T WATCH CVS2.

Watch something much more exciting to pass time if you’d like. Marvel is always exciting, as is GGXX and 3s. There will be 8 other tournament pools to watch, no one is forcing you to watch Blanka/Sagat scrubs fierce link each other to death.

Or bring a Gameboy Advance SP :cool:

Exodus: I agree with what you’re saying…at normal tournaments. This is not a normal tournament. It’s size makes it into something different. The tournament is the primary thing, but it’s also a large gathering of people/players, kind of like a convention. I’m not saying it’s up to the EVO staff to entertain us while we’re not playing tourney games, but giving us some options would enhance the experience a lot. I expect a lot of people would gladly volunteer to help manage and run some casual console areas if space is available. Just a thought.

benra: agreed, but the thing is, it will be a big inconvenience for the cannons if they DO tend to the players. first off, adding more cabs = more money w/ no compensation. secondly, there’s an issue of big size small staff. they can’t afford to have staff tending the non-competitors. furthermore, if players play casual during tourney, it might detract some part of the crowd. lastly, if the cannons let players aid them, it would no longer be within their hands. if something were to happen, they would not have control [or even knowledge] of it immediately…

for now, i put faith into the cannons that things will run moderately decent, if not better. match projection is a great tool in helping the players see, but more equipment = more money needed. i’m not their accountant, but i’m sure it’s pricey. at least they have one projector right now. all i can suggest to pass by your time is watch tournies, read, or play some games [such as the GBA, as hoonyo suggested]. like i said, if the cannons allow/have space, i don’t see bringing DCs/TVs to be a problem – however, don’t blame them if your shit gets lost/stolen.

Hmmm, interesting analogy. Actually as a player in the ncaa tournament (which is more appropriate then a spectator in this situation) I WOULD expect to have practice time and facilities to practice at in order for me to polish my a-game right before the big show. Nonetheless, I see what you’re getting at, I still think this is something that should be considered by organizers and potiental attendee alike.
Also keep this in mind, this is going to be one of the biggest consel/arcade tournaments EVER with 9 different games involved. There are literally going to be hours where you’ll probably have nothing to watch (unless your into VF4 or TTT) so you’ll be left standing around with you’re finger up you’re nose. So many potential players like myself are flying out to this event therefore, we really have no way to provide tv’s and (in some cases) equipment of any kind of our own. We are at the complete mercy of locals and organizers to supply this for us. While the 9 different tournaments will be going on, they’ll be hogging all of the available equipment in order to finish the events in a timely fashion.

I go to these events for one thing:

To play SF against quality competition.

There’s a time and a place to stand a watch a great match. I want that to be a decision based on my choosing, not based on a lack of hardware available. Tournament matches in my experience in and of themselves are not fun to play, many other players will attest to that. The fun is getting someone’s a-game in a practice matche before or after the tournament. Grudge matches, people playing and learning characters they may not normally play and increasing your level of play and understanding are what make tournaments great.
I know how these events go, there’s never enough time, money and hardware. Maybe this aspect will be up to the players/attendees to provide. I just worry that due to the sheer number of participants, this problem will be worse then ever.


If they get the big screens setup like what is planned so far…there won’t be any breaks where nothing is happening. Last year, once things got started, there was always a match to watch.

Man I love it when people do this. Please pull out one point from a post and counter with a one-line arguement and ignore the rest.


Most of us are not going to evl to play all 9 games. I’d say on average people care about 3-4 of the games, TOPS. So, I’m stuck watching 10+ hours of (possibly) scrubby tekken, vf or sf play, that’s just great. However, it is possible that the sf, tekken and vf tournaments are going to be run simultaneously depending on hardware availability, obviously schedules are yet to be announced. Still, regardless of the game, you must admit that you probably have a low threshhold for watching scrub vs scrub or even scrub vs any top player duke it out. That gets old fast, and I don’t want to be subjected to having nothing to do but watch such drudgery (especially on a fighting game I don’t understand) for hours with nothing available for casual play. I’d sooner save my money and play gba in my basement rather then spending $500 (+my time) to do it in L.A.


Here is another one-liner for ya:

If you don’t feel like watching any of the matches, go get some food, goto the bathroom, go read a book, go downstairs to the arcade, go outside and get some fresh air, take a nap, etc, etc. Nobody is forcing you to do anything.

Gee, great, thanks you’ve been a great deal of help. It’s pretty obvious that no one is listening to each other so why continue this thread, close it. I’m sorry for wasting the Cannon’s bandwith and everyone’s time, there’s obviously better ways to address this potiental “problem”.


I can see where Wes is coming from. I also agree with him. Yes, we all come to “compete” and go for the top spot but the whole part of the tournament experience is meeting and playing against other players.

You cant sit there and say “Well you will play against other players in the brackets” because if I am on one end of the bracket and player X is on the other end…chances are we wont play eachother.

How about players who arent top ranked, but want to get some experience??

Wes is right…every year whats the one thing you always see when the tournament is underway. TONS of players sitting around bored out of their minds because there’s nothing to do. Sure you can watch matches, and do other stuff…but its a shame to be in the presence of so much talent and not be able to play against it.

It is a big request, but its one that makes the tournament experience that much better.

Ok, assuming I don’t want to play at the arcade downstairs and I do bring my own console + games + sticks… are there open monitors/TVs/power plugs I can jack into and play with other likeminded individuals?

The best idea I have heard is a nickel per play…thats reasonable and ALOT of people would play…I played alot last year so that would come in handy in the biggest damn tourney ever…


lol. nickles are good. dimes would be better. they’re smaller.