A request , id like to see someone draw r mika, and maybe necros little girlfriend?


plz? probably my fav capcom characters. ( girls anywho )


Well here’s a quickie sketch of Necro’s girl… Dunno what she looks like exactly… I drew her by memory from Falcoon and Kinu Nishimura’s incarnations of her… :frowning:



seba_boi: Hey that’s pretty good. How long did it take you?

BTW, have you heard music from Macross Plus or Wolf’s Rain?
They are some of Kanno’s greatest works.


Took me about 15-20 minutes… If I work on it really well, it’ll take me an hour or so…

And YEP!!! I have all her Macross Plus CDs (minus the first Macross Plus OST) and Wolf’s Rain OST 1 and OST 2… I got some songs from those shows in my sig… I listen to them all the time!!!.. But I still think Cowboy Bebop has her best works… (Goodnight Julia being my most fave CB peice)… For Wolf’s Rain I can’t stop listening to Cloud 9, Go To Rakuen, and Escape… Soooo goood…


aweomse work, she wears leather boots if i remember and she has a gothic, punk look t her, me likes =]

her name is effy btw.


Yeah, I messed her up… :frowning: But oh well… Have you seen Kinu Nishimura’s drawing of her???.. She looks cool IMO…


hey we dont condone pcitures with pedofiles in this forum. lol.
seriously, look at necro, he looks like a complete monster in this picture. you know he has ill intensions for the little girl (whats the name again? effy?).

not a bad pic if i say so myself, seba. you’ve making a lota nice drawings that exihibit various tones lately–nice job. now whos gonna do the r.mika pic?


Yo, where is this picture from?

I’ve seen a Gill, Hugo, and an Ibuki one that has the same stuff at the bottom. I imagine it’s from an art book but which one?

Anyone know?

seba_boi: Yeah, Bebop is by far her greatest work. The music in that has so much damn range. It’ll be goofy and spunky, then switch to dark and sinister. I love it. GiTS: SAC was a thumbs up for Kanno too.


This place has that art

^-- Tis a link.

You’ll find tons of art for beat 'em dudes on it. King of Fighters. Street Fighters. Jojo (though yeah, more of a comic thing). Tis a good site and groovy style.

You’ll have to find all of the pictures yourself though, and there’s a fair amount to look through,



All I saw was a Gief/Hugo, and a Chun pic.

Got any direct links to each pic?

Or maybe pics to post up?


I have GITS: Stand Alone Complex OST as well… :smiley: Great works… But some are too techno-ey for my tastes (FYI, techno is my least fave music genr :P)… Have you heard the OST?.. Yakitori, Lithium Flower are some of my GITS faves…

I also bought the Cowboy Bebop Special OST box… It has songs not featured before and some music from the concert… It’s amazing!!!


I haven’t heard all of the GiTS OST. From what I’ve heard I really enjoyed it. This one song reminds me of Bjork (My favorite).

Hey, check this site out. www.animeniacs.com

Go there and search for the bebop OST box. Hope you didn’t spend more than that on yours. If so, then now you know where to go.


Twenty five bucks???.. OMG!!! :eek:

I’m not even telling you how much I got mine… But it’s well worth it nonetheless… It’s “out of stock” though… hehe…


Well, here’s an R. Mika done in MSPaint… :slight_smile: Enjoy!



R MIKA yaaaaaaay:)


This is one of the (exceptionally few) times I’ll argue that it’s not peodphilia. To my understanding, Effie is 14-15 despite her appearance. Necro, despite his height, is also presumed to be a teenager. There only a few years apart and in the game, the attraction is more from Effie to Necro.

Anyways, nice stuff as always, seba.


mega bump! could some srk make more pics of effy and r mika plz? me loves teh art :slight_smile:


Here’s an Effie I did. I just realized how much she rocks.:smiley:

Seba boi can you attach your pic? I can’t view your pics.


sick pic :cool: