A request please?

this one is a little picky the what I want is kinda a add on to the avater that I already have and I all I want is just the same picture with some gothic like effects to it and have a little blood signature in the bottom right corner saying Endless Method.

sup dude

what do u mean, gothic like effects?

I say give it a wierd dark sephiroth kinda back ground that does some weird flashy effects that make it gothic like. I don’t really know I just know that all yall can make some ill shit so just let your mind do the thinking on it. I don’t want anything picky just that I wanted the theme to be like that ya know?

nice to see you ‘stole’ my avatar. :frowning: :bluu:

dude, just for that, and the fact that i made u that other one, 13 days ago… i’m not doing it… and i hope no1 here does, just cuz u had to steal some1 else’s av.

that’s low tier:bluu::lame:

you think I’m impressed?
some one ripped my lame work!

can’t believe this shit.

do you have a good reason for stealing my avatar?
if so I’d really like to know.

it’s still lame to just rip some1 else’s work without permission tho

even if it’s some random 2 minute bullshit like some of the ones that i make.

If he takes it off now, I wount have a problem.
the longer he keeps it on, then I will have a big problem.

Should I notify Tiger Genocide?
or wait?

since he’s offline, i’d wait… pm him…

check ur message tracking, and if he read it, and doesn’t take it off, then notify tiger

Kirbax this is a warning, you have 24 hours to change your avatar to either something you created, or something someone created for you or you will be banned. You did not ask permission to use the av or to get it modified.