A request.

Hello, I am making a video with some stuff I’ve figured out recently regarding Oro unblockables (almost all of it is recorded on a VHS tape already). My problem is that I have absolutely no access to a 3s arcade machine; all of the combos were simulated on DC by setting the dummy to “No Guard”. I’ve read posts, seen videos, etc., so I understand the whole concept behind unblockables. However, I would appreciate it if someone here could confirm that all of these do indeed work on the arcade version of the game.

If you volunteer to do this, I’ll PM you a list of all of the unblockables on the video. When you are done testing, please PM me the results. If it turns out I’m clear to make the video, you’ll be in the credits. If it turns out I can’t make the video, then you’ll still receive thanks, as well as a Kirby Dance emoticon courtesy of my friend. :slight_smile:

BTW, a related question for all: If you use the jump-straight-up RH to break the opponent’s guard, does the fireball need to hit once or twice to allow you to combo close Strong afterward? It would seem that twice is the answer; one hit to break the guard, another to knock the opponent toward you and allow close Strong to connect. If I’m wrong, please let me know.

Thank you all in advance,

Eh, I don’t know what you would show that wasn’t already in Jinrai’s Oro video. His vid showed:

Standing strong, EX upward fireball, crossup forward (breaks gaurd), combo whatever afterward.
[Strong 1-hit, forward chicken] x2 , Strong 1-hit, strong yagyou, dash, dash, jump over, double jump up, roundhouse on the way down, repeat.
Toss a yagyou at a character in the corner, cross-up jumping forward.
Twins only combo: Strong 2-hit XX strong yagyou, jump roundhouse (the yagyou hits one more time after the RH so they can’t quickstand). Jump over them, gaurd break them against the last hit of the yagyou dama as they get up.
Standing strong 2-hit, link strong fireball as they fall, cancel to strong yagyou. Immediately EX chicken to cross up, gaurd break them with whatever.

If you have something new besides all this good, otherwise there’s isn’t much point to releasing the vid. BTW if you time the jump in RH correctly you can just combo standing strong after it anyway, so technically you don’t even need the yagyou dama’s help to combo it, it’s jsut easier with it there. 1 hit from the yagyou dama is plenty.

Streak, did you get my PM? If not I’ll send it again, cleared some stuff out of my inbox so it should work if it didn’t already.


Yeah I tried to send you a reply, but, your box was full. I’ll try to remember what I wanted to say.