A rising C.Viper needs you guys!

Incase you guys don’t know Peaceful Jay’s stream is going to be sponsering whoever wins THIS POLL.

K Mada (aka Latif), top ranked xbl C.viper player showed up at his first major this past weekend at WCW3 and gained alot of recognition by bodying the likes of Flashmetroid, Floe and Clakey D.

Just go on ahead and help this guy out; he needs a hand from his fellow viper players so don’t let him down!

Well unless you want Lamerboi to win :stuck_out_tongue:

He’s the same guy that bodied everyone in evo 2k9(?) in accent core right? If so, he’s sick and seems like a nice guy. But lamerboi is local…

K MADA is godlike. I believe that he can get a sponsorship even if Jay doesn’t sponsor him.
So I’m voting for Lamerboi.

K Mada is from Arizona, what do you mean by local?

Latif pretty much already won.

latif plays eddie in ggac, that’s worse than vanilla sagat :lol: