is there any set ups 4 rogs cc (lk till a bit left and then crazy buffalo) thanks in advance

look here on the media, combofiend does it once with rog…

i lub combofiend, he my cvs2 hero

CC’s that I do

Dash Upper on jumper, Activate, Jab dash punch till corner, Fierce punch till 8 or 9 hits, jab, jump jab x as many as you can, standing forward, crazy buffalo.

pretty basic, jump jabs for more hits, standing forward so that you can get all 3 hits in the crazy buffalo.

This combo can also be started by Activation, Sweep, Jab dash punch.

When you’re at the corner, do s.RHs instead of s.Fierce. It’s faster.

The timing on the roundhouses are weird… I always drop them, but thats just me…

You gotta press RH fast, they drop fast, because RH stun isn’t that long in custom.

a rog is good…

i start anti air when they jump on me…

charge l.k…activated charge lp charge lk…keep on doing it …then supper bufalo at the end it make good damage!