A Rolento

I was wonderin if ne of u guys out ther have ne custom setups for rolento. Im trying to find out some new tricky setups cuz the peeps at my arcade r starting to recognize wat i do. some setups that i do is the scouter jump into down mk to bait an AA, then i activate and custom. i did check out the namonaki site but its still the same stuff.

Roll behind activate is all you need

I’m watching the Super battle opera 2 finals and Kichinii has several a-groove custom mixups. It’s tough to actually see what he’s doing but when I figure it out i’ll post it.

WHOA, where’d you get those?!?!?

i didn’t know they released the cvs2 SBO2 finals yet. i’ll be your best friend for life if you tell me where you got those:D

looks on july 22

how do you download vids, such as “ftp://sftchina-down:www.sftchina.com@”?

its not working for me… o_0

I didn’t understand why he was doing blocked c.mk xn until I saw him do a scouter jump towards the guy and d+mp in the air to do a reset. The c.mk strings were used to give space. Real clever.

his roll backward move then when he jumps up and hits you…this is an anti air setup.

rh throw…scouter jump…land on pogo stick…you can crossup with a mk or you can bait a wake up anti air/super with an activation.

hi can anyone help me on the end of the cc of rolento.

I cant cancel his HP into the rolling bombs, but i can do his CC.

anyone pls!

try cancelling it as soon as you hit the guy on the tip of the batton. I’m sure you’ll get it with more practice it’s not that hard.

So as you press the HP should i still hold the HP then do the d db d db punch?

I just do S. :hp: :qcb: :qcb: :hp:.

Ic… thanks