A Sad Story..Do i need to pull the plug on this?


Hi there,
yes, i am a newb at fighting games…and no…i am not “new” to them, i am a newb…always been…i am the 22 year old noob who played fighting games for 18 years straight now, and i still suck at them!!
and no, i wont tell you the story of my life and break down those years 1 by 1 telling you what i did, and no, the whole post wont be just me answering imaginary questions that no one actually asked or care to do so for that matters…

i had a few attempts for being better at fighting games, and i am persistent when it comes to training, i used to do 6-8 hours straight in training room in Tatsunoko Vs Capcom and Street fighter…some times Guilty Gear and Blazeblue, too…those are the ones that i really went after (of course i played almost all other fighting games too) and Failed miserably…

so i thought, maybe it’s the controller?? i need to get an arcade stick…but i never been the one to prefer the (stick) in the “Arcade stick”, so i decided to get a “hitbox” or an “All Button” Arcade stick controller…
checked it online…too damn expensive…so i built this Fine peace of Controller Myself !!


it wasn’t easy, but i am telling you, it sure as hell was fun to build…

back to street fighter, Trials mode…i main Ryu (i mean…who doesn’t??) so i went ahead, and some Training hours later, i got to Trial 22…
To make sure that i actually improved, i played “Arcade” mode from time to time during the training…the AI was relatively easy at “Medium hard”, so i went ahead and decided to play against my bro, not that much of a challenge, and i owned him accordingly…i just kept cool, and executed the modest combos i know like a boss…

Now, i went online…tried some games…and i have only 1 Question…


i was mashing like a 2 year old, it’s like the last 2 weeks or training and Trials didn’t even exist!!
back to training mode…i still got it…arcade mode?..no problem, my bro?..i handed him his own @ss…but online again?..still owned…still mashing…people trolling me with taunts and humiliating supers/Ultras…
i was so desperate, i didn’t even try to do a single cancel, just basic 2-3 hit BnBs, and even those failed miserably…

i go ahead and play some “Driver: San fran” with my Bro just to blow off some steam, and i discover something…there is some games out there that don’t require you to sacrifice a limb and a kidney to be good at, and have a ton of fun in them instead of that “just enough to keep you training” amount of fun in the fighting games.

So, here’s the Question…is it time to pull the plug?? and abandon my 10 year old dream of actually being good at a fighting game?

don’t try to just cheer me into training more, or just Flame me for being a quitter and push me into leaving fighting games cause i am not persistent enough…
i just want an honest opinion based on what i have said, maybe i am just hopeless…and if i am, i need someone to tell me so i can stop beating my self up over it…


Well, firstly, the reason you can’t land combos online is because of lag. You probably have dodgy internet. So either invest in getting faster internet, learn how to time combo’s online, or only play offline against your brother/friends.

Now as for the rest of your post. It depends. Do you want to be a specialist videogamer who only plays fighting games? Or do you just want to be someone who plays videogames and that includes some fighting games? Or do you want to give up on fighting games completely? If it’s your dream to become good at fighting games then you obviously want to keep at it. If your finding it hard to stay motivated because you have no-one to fight besides your brother (and online isn’t working for you) then find an arcade in your area that has a SSF4 cabinet and go play there. Even ask the owner if you could set up a local tournament or something similar. The amount of enjoyment you get from a fighting game varies depending on how much time and effort you put into it.

I myself just love landing a combo in training mode and will practice and practice until I can pull it off all the time. Then when I get a friend over I play them and show them what I’ve learnt etc. I love the sense of accomplishment from being able to land combo’s and use them in game. So that’s why I play fighting games. But if that doesn’t interest you and you only want to become pro, then why do you want to be a pro? The basics of the game don’t interest you, why would you want to become good at something that doesn’t interest you.

Do whatever is most fun and enjoyable. If you want to just play any old game and have a blast, then do that. Nothing wrong with it. But to really enjoy a fighting game takes time and commitment (as well as a good internet connection if you want to play online). Just do what makes you happy my friend :slight_smile:


well, i can’t blame lag that much (but i really do have the crappiest internet on the planet earth! ) cause, like i said, i caught myself mashing in a ton of occasions!

you got me all wrong though, when i say “a good player at fighting games”…what i actually mean is “descent”…one who doesn’t get obliterated in 5-10 matches in a row before he can find the only fool who’s actually worse than him and wins 1…

the problem is that i live in Egypt…there is no “Arcade shops” around here! …all the gaming community in my country just plays “Fifa” and “PES”…all day long…so no friends who play fighting games either!
i think all the circumstances around me just doesn’t allow being a better player…that and that i actually kinda suck generally…

anyways, i will try to keep at it while keeping the fun alive, playing other games…shorter training sessions…more basic BnBs in training instead of going for crazy combos in trial mode (that took the bulk of my training time).

the question i want to ask right now is, how can i make sure that whatever i learn in training mode, i can actually pull off during a match…i know it’s much more difficult, but is there a special training technique for that or something?? like i should do a combo for 25 times in a row without dropping it, and that’s the threshold for execution perfection it takes to land in a real match (that what i was thinking anyways, and it doesn’t seem that much fun) but if that’s what it takes, i will suck it up and do it!


You’re only as good as the people you fight against. Beating your brother and the computer may have served their purpose. Even time in the training room is necessary but only to an extent. To level up youve got to put your time in actual fights against live players. Preferably those at your level or slightly better.

On another note, It also sounds to me like you have performance anxiety. You’ve got a few combos down? Great. But if you can’t incorporate them in an actual match they’re useless. I say enough training mode. Get out there and use your matches as training as there is lag adjustment that must occur when playing online.


alright, great…no more training then (maybe a little? :smiley: )
well, i am used to playing “dark souls”…getting owned is something i can live with :smiley:


As Redlion pointed out, it sounds like you’ve spent plenty of time learning combos but have very little experience in finding or creating the opportunities to utilize them.

Arcade Mode CPU is little more than a Training Mode dummy that can be knocked out, and your brother, I assume knows about as much as you if not less.

If the (online) competition is too lacking, or too high for the time being, I suppose you could use your brother as a stepping stone of sorts for incorporating the fundamentals in live matches.


DAMN! People starting fighting games at 4 nowadays?