A Sagat / Ryu avatar Request


Can someone make me a Sagat and ryu avatar? preferably from cvs2… i wont bother with details, whoever makes it can make it anyway they want…i hope itll look cool…thanks a bunch to whoever helps me.

( btw this avatar is for a friend and not me, so dont put Dios X on the avatar like my other ones do. thx. )


I will give it a try, uhh is there any name you want on it or no name at all

I will be done by tomorrow:D



thanks…no name plz.



If you want me to change anything I will:cool:

hope your friend likes it:D


could you put the VS. symbol on the bottom middle of the av? the vs symbol should be the one that is in street fighter 2.


thanks a bunch man…i LOVE the avatar…couldnt have been beter…im new here at srk so im gettin few tips from dios…thanx again!!!