A-Sakura vs Cammy



I’m having a lot of trouble with this match up, any hints on beating cammy(any groove)?



To be honest, I find A-Sakura to be my favorite matchup vs Cammy. A-Sakura has an answer to almost all of Cammy’s clutch moves. In fact, C-Sakura is good against Cammy, let alone Sakura w/ CC.

First of all, you don’t really need to jump, unless to dive kick. Jump-back dive kick on reaction to a Spiral Arrow or if you anticipate a low poke (c.MK, s.HK). c.HP or s.HK as anti-air, depending on range. Against P/K, j.MP and RC MK Hurricane are two other options, if you want to mix up the timing.

On the ground, Sakura beats Cammy cleanly with RC Hurricane Kicks. I find that Sakura does well vs characters that rely on abusing their ground pokes, just because of her RC Hurricane and Fireball. Cammy is no exception. Cammy’s pokes obviously lose to the RCs. RC Spiral Arrow doesn’t work. Cammy’s roll is too slow, even if she anticipates the RC coming. And of course, if she blocks the RCs, they’re unpunishable anyway. There’s very little she can do about Sakura’s RCs. Try to stay in very close range against Cammy, and whore the RCs (especially Hurricane Kick, because it keeps you close, and it also picks Cammy out of the air if she jumps at the same time.

As for Sak’s CC, I’m sure you know what to do with it. Same as versus any other char.