A scrubs plea

Hello srk’ers my name is Wilfredo (aka Wolfe) for the past year or so I have been really wanting to join the SF scene. Simply because I love SF and everything that’s associated with it. Also because I want to level up my game. I wouldn’t say I’m terrible at the game but i like to think of my self at least being average. Which most of you would probably see as “scrubby”. Lucky for me I live in Los Angeles (south central). I hear the WC players are nicer than the EC players in terms of helping scrubs like my self improve. I have read most of the threads on the characters I use and threads on the game in general. Playing on XBL doesn’t seem to help me at all. I don’t have any one to play with that can really help me get better with criticism and tips. I want to accomplish two things with this thread. I want to have a couple of people to play with that are really really good at this game on xbl. And to network with local SoCal players on how to join the scene.

I try to play whenever I can but I work full time. Playing 10+ hours a day isn’t much of an option.

I know the logic of the game (mindgames, block strings, combos, setups, etc, etc) by reading various threads but my execution needs work. Also frame data is like another language to me. Any help would be appreciated.


Just go to one of the arcades or post in one of the threads for weekly meet ups and see if you can stop by. Simple as that.

Go to arcades. Make friends.Learn and get better. Drink and be merry.


Lol sorry for all the stars. I copied this from my iPhones notepad and yeah didn’t notice all the stars.

I will start to go to the arcades and talk to people. Now I just need a xbl sensei.

Ewww. Arcades my boy. ARCADES. Console, if you break your leg or are beset by morbid obesity, is okay to test and hone skills. BUT ONLINE PLAY!? I would not bank a successful career on a foundation of lag spikes and rage quits.

Tread carefully.

As far as mentoring is concerned I like to think I do pretty good job. Assuming you can handle being yelled at or numerous accusations thrown implying you lack the mental capacity that is bestowed upon higher primates at birth.

Or I can explain how frame data works and we can call it a day.


Back on topic

yes, arcades and console meet ups at peoples houses are the way to go.
but first arcades

that reminds me :

“Ey I think LCB mashes buttons…”
“Ok…see why the fuck do throw after a parry”

sanchez knows

Thanks for all your inputs. Going to the arcades and interacting with everyone will get me started.
And sanchez no I don’t mind being yelled at or accused of not having mental capacity. Because I know mine surpasses higher primates. :slight_smile: Or you can still explain frame data.

I disagree and I’ll be doing just that if I see you any place because I disagree.

I wouldn’t be asking for all this without expecting some sort of mental abuse. Haha we will just have to wait and see. :slight_smile:

Just look at all the different threads in this forum for meetups.

Is there a specific day that you gentlemen here go to AI, Vid94, Denjin or Camerons? It would be great to meet you guys and play some games (free wins lol)

Probably Friday and Saturday nights.

Mr.Wolfe you should go to DJ Vest’s meetup. We can scrub it up together on ustream. Wakeup ultras FTW!!! Ken mirror matches!!!

For what place are you refering to

Does this place have a thread of it’s own? If not info please :). Lol the same wakeup ultras that catch randoms on xbl? Lol. I don’t play Ken but I’ll flowchart it up with you. Lol

all of them

friday nights beatdown thread …

I’ll be there(at DJ vest’s), so no matter how bad you are you wont be the worst person there :stuck_out_tongue:

I would love to go but it’s my bday today (mentioned this on DJs thread). If you guys are going next Friday I will go for sure!