A Sega Genesis Classics for Xbox One Solution


Anyone own the Sega Genesis Collection for Xbox One? Would you like to use the fight stick or a Hori Fight Commander pad with it, because you think that would make a good Genesis style stick/pad?

Unfortunately, you can’t. There are only 2 settings on the Sega Genesis Collection.

USing a fight stick arrangement of:


Mode 0 is:

B C > <

where > is fast forward and < is rewind.

and Mode 1 is:

A B > <

You can’t even fix it with the Xbox One Joystick programming feature

The keys > And < are the triggers, and the only way you can switch them is with each other. The triggers cannot equal another button, and other buttons cannot equal a trigger. So no matter how hard you try, there is goign to be no way you can get:

X Y Z <
A B C >

out of



I was getting this done anyway for my joystick, and I’ll tell you how well it works out. I was using a DB37, and having made an analog “button reassigner” made by connecting 3.5 mm cables from one end to the other. I assume if you change the buttons BEOFRE it gets to the encoder going from the player to the console, then every console should have an easily reassignable controller.

Has anyone tried this before with a multiple PCB stick system, and if so, any advice?



it’s because the Genesis classics was designed with a Game pad in mind and not an Arcade stick.
The Xbox One scene is terri-bad for sticks.

as for this idea, you were thinking about this for a long, long time.



Wouldn’t an arcade stick or a Hori Fighting Commander be the perfect way to play the Sega Genesis games, almost exactly like the way a Sega Genesis should be played? That’s the main reason why I bought Street Fighter 2 New Challengers on Genesis and not on SNES: The Control Scheme! (that plus the phonetically accurate “Max Out!” by Dee Jay instead of a “Hwah!” on the SNES, but that’s just a cherry on the sundae.) The fact that Sega boobytraps the way I want to play the Sega Genesis Collection and Microsoft is powerless the change it. (Plus it would be a pain to deal with alternate controls in the main OS is awful. These 2 things would save MS’s system-wide programmable control scheme: the ability to move triggers to other buttons and vice versa, and making it a game-specific control scheme, and Revert when back in the OS,) is the stupidest oversight. Has anyone on the developer team actually owned a Genesis and original 6 (or 3) button controller back in the day?

Do Playstation 4 and Nintendo Switch users experience similar problems with THEIR Sega Genesis Collections?

Does PS4 have OS-system-based button reassignments? (I know the Switch doesn’t.)

Anyone else notice that the analog triggers for fast forward and rewinds act just lke cheap digital controls in the Sega Genesis collection, and it makes no difference whether you press it in a little, or a lot? Then why is fast forward and rewind married to these 2 buttons?

When the only possible solution I can think of without making a special Genesis Collection controller is using 3.5 mm cables while it’s in discrete input mode, this is a sad collection.

Plus add 5 player online Columns 3. I know that takes was more work than making a third joystick mapping or a “free map mode”. I’ll even pay a small DLC fee to pay for the work to make 5 player Columns 3 work. It can also be used on future Sega Genesis 3+ player games. But other than old sports games where it’s tough to renew licenses, what games does Sega own outright that use 3-8 players other than Columns 3?

But a 2 MB download of making an extra Genesis-friednly controller option would be cool, especially considering it’s the Sega Genesis collection. Hell, if I’ll even download the whole game again if you can’t make “editing code” fit in 2 MB and it must take up 1-2GB. And that’s saying something because my maximum internet speed I can get in my area is 1.5 Mb/s inbound 400k/s outbound. It’s worth keeping the Xbox up all night to fix this issue.

Unfortunate Atari’s issues of trying to re-envision the analog controls are even worse by shoehorning it i with a self-centering analog stick, when separate paddles, trackballs, rollers, and spinners would be nice. And you’d think Atari might make a Labo Kit for their analog controls. A cardboard paddle, trackball, spinner, roller, and flight yolk for the Switch verison would be cool.

But then again, circles are hard in cardboard, so make it plastic, pre-built and use the exisiting Joycons. A hamster ball for a trackball, a wheel which can mounted vertically for a roller, or horizontally for a Tempest Spinner, and click in a stopper to limit the radius for a paddle.



Yes I know. That’s how KY enterprises did it. That’s where I got the idea from. But their workman ship is shoddy. They designed their system for handicapped controllers, not right handed joysticks.

With my disability pension of minimum wage at part time hours, it’s tough to get money to build a joystick, but I was making more money than when I was working.