A Serious Question - Runaway Akumas

What is your opinion on Runaway Akumas? I am not talking about the kin that zone until they get a knockdown and then go crazy. I’m referring to the type to runaway and fireball no matter the situation (health lead or losing), teleport all the time, and only use st.rh

Scrubs really, I don’t think there’s much to say about 'em, I cringe everytime one of those Akumas gets a knockdown and they air tatsu or teleport away to continue their “zoning” game, it’s a total waste IMO to not utilize Akuma’s awesome mixups, pokes, combos … etc

I play runaway akuma against obvious mashers and other people who play runaway. It’s pretty annoying not being able to do mixups and stuff like that because I’m too cautious so I don’t get hit with a mashed out reversal.

i would much rather see a runaway akuma win than a rushdown

Annoying to play against.

Well, I guess it depends. Is he keeping you away by using legitimate means (good spacing, zoning FB’s, etc) or is he simply doing random shit that hits you and keeps jumping back FB, TP and coward-tatsu all match?

The former is just playing Akuma defensively. I can see how that could be annoying, but it’s not “wrong” per se. Akuma has a lot of offensive tools, but he also has many defensive ones that you’d be dumb not to use. It may not be how you choose to play him, but some people might.

As for the latter, well they’re just beginners. Probably playing Ryu and/or Ken and decided to pick up Akuma and then got raped online so many times they think running away and hoping they can outlast you is a viable option. I’d be patient and just wittle them down to no health and move on. Eventually, they’ll either learn that it’s not a real viable way to play Akuma and learn better or they’ll drop him and pick someone more their speed, like Balrog or Bison. :razz:

Good point. Lol!

As much as everyone, Akuma players, want to believe they are rush they are not. It all is dependent on the knockdown. Some are better at getting this than others thus less zoning - run aways. Some are not thus more zoning - run aways. And in some key matchups, it’s suicide not to zone - run aways - till a knockdown, like Gief for example. :lovin:

Yeah there are many like that online. I usually just tend to pick Ryu in any Akuma mirror situation because too much random shit happens in Akuma mirrors anyway. Usually i just wait it out against those types of players. No point trying to get in because you’ll end up getting hit by a shitload of random air fbs. Its better just to throw out random hados and wait for the demon flip/jump in and punish that.

^Those are the Ryus I love stunning the most. It’s hilarious once they get used to standing there doing nothing because they’re waiting for a demon flip.

I get a ton of demons against run away Akumas. They are often so bad at running away that they leave themselves right open.

I have to say I agree with West. I don’t worry about run away akumas. I worry about the ones who will pressure the hell out of you.

Sadly all the runaway akumas i’ve played follow the same pattern, so that rarely happens unless i mess up or whatever. Most runaway akumas also can’t even do a proper bnb. Many times if i whiff a srk, their punish is just a srk of their own or a grab. Usually i just follow their pattern, because i notice several times when they will do an air fb and a demon flip right after (it works sometimes i have to admit).

There’s nothing to say that in theory running away can’t be really full of pressure. That’s the way it was in SF2, even though it looked like a fireball war there was some really intense pressure going down. It’s really just a matter of definition though. I think a defensive Akuma is better able to take advantage of his options, why put pressure at risk when you can put pressure from far with even less risk. As already mentioned in the first post though, any noteworthy Akuma is also going to have to take advantage of the vortex, which is also very rewarding for very little risk if done correctly. Maintaining prssure while standing up close though, you just have to make constant educated guesses, and even if you’re right most of the time, the few times that you aren’t can get you blown right up because of the low health. You can occasionally get blown up in zoning games, but mostly you’ll jsut be losing your positional advantage and not health. The question is why go to footsie range to pressure your opponent when you can put the onus on them to get through your obstacle course before it even gets to that?

It’s all up in the semantic smoke really though, I mean I think most will find what I’m saying agreeable, it’s just that the term run away tends to get associated with online Akuma’s who always have to be at full screen and are very willing to give up valuable space to do it. Akuma has a really strong zoning game, but that often means standing your ground not running back (especially if you’re getting backed into a corner and thereby having your options more limited). A good zoner should be able to push their opponent to the other side of the screen if they’re doing it right, and while that may not be pressure like a Rufus might put on, it’s that old school sf2 fundamentals pressure.