A Seth scrub. It's possible?


not me btw.

Excellent psychological warfare on his part. He was taking the piss because Ken was failing and he couldn’t do anything about it. I don’t like his inputs though, the mashing sucks. I rock the ‘You look tired, need a break?’ taunt myself and use it whenever I dizzy someone, then let them recover freely. It’s lost me a few matches but I like doing it. :slight_smile:

Looked like the Seth player was playing “for the Lulz”.

That was awesome, I bet that Ken player was raging after the first round.

To be honest they were both horrible, and the Ken lost his cool.

Like I said on the comments, he be trollin.

that ken was me. maybe I wasn’t clear on that part, when I said “not me btw” i meant im not the seth user.

and yes i was rather ticked by the taunting. but i picked up on the wall jumps and dp’d them.

thanks for the positive attitude, Warlike haha.

If I were you I’d find one quick combo to use as a punish, you could have hurt him so much more on all those whiffed DP’s he threw out. Emphasis on quick because that guy was mashing like nuts. Kudos to you for sticking it out and beating him, I’d hate to face a player like that.

o.O lol the stupid taunts lol sometimes they affect people too much and they rage in to hit/kill because of it lol

May as well been watching a Dan vs. Seth match and see who out taunts to win?? lol

Whatever works, works.

I really don’t care if my opponent taunts because all it does is convince me that my opponent apparently thinks he has the win. Which puts me at a psychological advantage. In this match the Ken player (besides missing some crucial combo oppertunities) clearly got frustrated, which made him lose that first match.

Seth trolling Ken. Lawl.