A shmup


Interesting to say the least.


:confused: KOFXIII?

Surprising to say the least, but I have nothing against this yet!

It’s actually GOOD to see SNKP making such a new game, that’s coming to DL services. I mean, what else have we seen them make that wasn’t KOF XII level recently? DS games? Cellphone games? If this is the beginning of them making some original content for Downloadable services, I’m all for it.

I miss the days when SNK/ADK/Others used to make a variety of titles for the Neo Geo. Imagine if this leads to things like new Shock Troopers, or Blazing Lasers, or new Super Sidekicks…

Given the fact that this shares art assets with KoF XII (The character portrait pictures), I wonder if this will tie into it? Such as being a Pack-in, something given away for game reserves, or a method to unlock gallery pictures or something? That’d be kinda nice, like the Neo Geo Pocket to Dreamcast stuff, using one game to “power up!” the other.

Oh, and lastly; The images look like sharp renders… but is it possible that’s actually high resolution pixel sprite work? Maybe SNKP is flexing it’s Sprite work muscle to try and ante up for something like HD Metal Slug…

athena can’t be left out in game like this


They should include this as a mini-game in KOFXII.

Awesome. I love shmups. I’m horrible at them but I love them.

The game site is up.


Anyone else think that this is getting silly for milking the franchise. They should really start making new characters or something to fill the roles of new games in a different genre. Maybe take a step forward and create new titles with new characters.

That being said. I can’t wait for the KOF FPS!!

I hope it sells three time what KOF XII sold, just so they’ll get it in their heads that Live Arcade at 20 bucks sells better than 60 bucks for a “full” game.

If it only sells 3 times better at $20, isn’t that the same amount of money made as at $60? I wouldn’t argue that it sells better but I guess it would help build up a fanbase if KOFXII was at slightly less.

i’m looking foward to this game(and kof online), not just because its kof but i like this kind of game, makes me think if ikaruga

if you want to play a shmup, look forward to raiden iv (already out), mushihime futari, and espgaluda 2. not even hardcore shmup players care about this game

i used to love games like this back in the day… metal slug sidescrollers too… i think there is a drastic lack of games like them these days… btw wat exactly does the acronym shmup mean?.. im atta loss

Shump= Shoot 'em up.

they’re big in japan

i’m so getting this… they should have ralf too throwing bombs all over the place…

The problem is I saw this before the release of XII and in anticipation for XII I assumed this would be included as a minigame or some kind of inbetween bonus round. This looks fun, but I really thought we should have got this with XII.

SNKP tend to miss the mark for what’s expected in today’s modern fanbase to keep up with the game industry.

when I buy out snk i’ll change that

I think they should do a KOF spinoff with Kyo and Iori forming new gangs and it could have a tag system like Kizuna Encounter.

Never gonna happen though. We’ll probably just see more Pachinko machines, and incomplete fighters.


Looks fun. But it’s still dumb. This should’ve been Ikari Warriors, with guns, or even Metal Slug in planes or whatever, an actual shooter.