A shoryuken in real life

Say some guy starts shit with you on the streets.

He wants to beat your ass and you two have exchanged a few hits.
You sock him in the face and he moves back a bit, and his revenge meter is on so he goes aggressive on you.

You see his motives of rushing and you know he’s gonna do a s.HP or something.
He’s walking towards you… and what are you options?

Duck down, bend your knees as low as you could, jump up and uppercut with a 360 spin.

Would that hurt in real life?

Yes. But you’ll be vulnerable right after. If he doesn’t drop to the floor after you srk him, consider your ass already beat.

Only if you shoot a hadouken first.


Was expecting a funny video


I will Hit Confirm with a kick on he’s balls and then combo it with the shoryuken right in to the Nose.

unless hes jumping at you from 20 feet above, youll be at negative frames.

That shit doesn’t even combo.

But seriously, a jumping uppercut landed squarely under the chin would KO pretty much any motherfucker.



Will have to do…

Oil up and make him run away out of fear due to your gayness.

Real talk. And don’t forget to let the whole fucking street know that your daughters are pretty.

Tiger uppercuts work better on the streets

Try it son. Watch what happens.

Fuck that shit, headbutt him.


Stun crumple after kick in the balls makes it easier to combo. You have all the time in the world to do whatever.

All about dat Blanka. Bite eem yo, bite eem!

Yeah, Headbutt into Ultra FTW.


Reason #1 there will never be a good live action SF movie. Because Shoryukens look retarded IRL as do 95% os SF specials/supers.
To this day i think the SF special i’ve seen IRL that didn’t look terrible were dash puch, flash kick and some of the command grabs.

you can just FADC after the uppercut and be safe.

Only if you did Ken’s version.

Real talk in a street fight.

Tiger Knee > everything.

The only thing that can even come close is like Balrog’s uppercut.

Mexican Uppercut.