A shoryuken in real life

Aaron Rodgers likes to whiff them to build meter…


If you’re going to imitate somebody’s moves IRL, Sophitia’s moves (from Soul Calibur) are by far the most effective:


user name makes this post epic

shin shoryuken his testicles!

Dash Upper dat fucker. Or Overhead.

That’s nothing - http://4gifs.com/gallery/d/138694-3/Grandma_shoryuken.gif

I offered one of the kids I used to coach (boxing) $100 if he could KO someone in an amateur competition with a shoryuken and get it on video. Still hasn’t happened. It’s hard unless you’re significantly shorter than your opponent–I’ve tried it but I’m 6’4 so it doesn’t really work.

fake getting hurt, drop to one knee then SHO RYU KEEEEEN!! Groin to chin 2 hit combo KO.

Grab your balls as tight as possible and run around stabbing yourself in the eye with a pen screaming, “IF I’M CRAZY ENOUGH TO DO THIS TO MYSELF THING OF WHAT I’LL DO TO YOU!!!”

Not only will it work, I fucked your mom last night.

Shoryuken is nothing

It’s all about that METSU… SHO… ribs shattered * RYUUUU…bone crunching KEEEEEEN!!!*

So… you’re saying you wanna see someone get DP’d irl?


lol, shinryuken.

Im going to second the nut kick hit-confirm into FADC DP.

Talking about doing SF moves irl wasnt funny in the OP, so I don’t see why people think it would be funny for 10 replies after that :confused:

The Human Tornado uses the dragon punch in his matches. Don’t know if that qualifies as “real” though.


I would use a Gene-Splice instead. Then follow up with gay-pose Optic Blast.

Better hope you’re not Alex Valle or you’ll drop your Ultra combo right after.

if you were doing a normal uppercut, the extra velocity that comes from you jumping up might knock him out, if you hit him in the right spot on the chin.

dunno why youd wanna, a normal punch in the same spot would put him out.

All that analyzing when you could just shoot a mothafucka.