A simple reset that just owned the fuck out of me today

so i got ocv’d twice today by the kid that i’m teaching how to play… and errr… he did this…


s.hk, sj, lk, fly, lk, lk, rp, fly forward, throw, lk, lk, rp, fly forward throw… i teched it… hp i blocked it… (guard break), lk, lk, rp… fly forward throw… i tech it… hp, i eat it… screen moves down… and i get thrown again without expecting it… lk, lk, corridor rocket punch… magneto’s dead…

something so simple yet so effective, i mean, that was the first reset i ever learned with sentinel, and didn’t know there’s three different things you can do to make sure the reset hits…

any tips on avoiding that with MSS…

sent can tech, block, then low kick the other sentinel, which is fine… but without 2 meters and DHC options, i can’t get magneto to get out of it… everything he has (em disrupter is too slow and i get frying panned into commando, boomerangs are a wtf thing, hypergrav is bleh… and temptest, he blocked it, ffly, and threw me again… storm can float and try to counter poke, which isn’t so bad…

although… now that i think of it… with storm, i didn’t try lightening attack…

still though… magneto seems to get fucked by this… unless i’m missing something blatently obvious.

well if you know he’s gonna throw, then after the lk, mk, rp, you could’ve done a lk, mk with mag before he grabs you, then ad up, magic series, hk ender, or HGxxTempest/Dhc

of course it then becomes a 50/50 because he can expect the mash(even though it’s intentional) and do an immediate lk, mk, rp agian.

But after the tech hit you can hit him with a lk, or hk since your above him, or maybe flight mode.

damn!! sounds like that kid RAPED ur mag… lol y was he resetting into assists or only lk’s with a rp??

because that’s all he knows how to do. it took me a month to show him ffly

i’ll try the lk lk thing though… that seems like it could work.

LKx2 or RK after the throw attempts work…and if necessary after the RK DHC’d Tempest>>Hail or HSF connects…

wouldnt mags be dead way before the lk, lk, corridor, RP? Even at full life I think he would be dead with all those resets and RPs.

…i could be wrong.

he died before the corridor rp hit at the end. he only needed the lk, lk, and i was done. but he could’ve continued that.

try throwing him before he throws you. its a little different than a tech. no joke.

cant u grab him before he grabs you??

tried that… wasn’t working at the time… i found that jab works best… he can sometimes grab me out of lk… the jab has been 100% so far… weird that i was having such a problem with that…

so was that one jab or 2 jabs?? when did he grab you … was it after the dragon punch rp??

yeah. dp rp, then grab… i jabbed him as soon as mag flipped. when i tried to lk him, he flew diagonal down and the kick missed and he threw me again… but the jab hits on a diagonal and it worked… d+lk might work too, but i dunno… shit pissed me off the other day. it’s weird because when i play good players in nyc, nobody does simple shit like that. it’s why crazy circular magneto resets don’t get me nearly as much as just landing from the rom and go c.lk, c.lk, psylocke… shit gets me every fucking time.

so when does he grab u??? and how does he continue it??

If the sent player does this, I’m sorry, but you can’t beat it with anything but a perfectly timed HP throw. Period. If you throw out a lk or jab (why jab? lk is infinitely faster), he can throw the limb, and if you tech throws, you get guardbroken. The only thing you can do in the situation is mash either lk or hp and hope you hit the button before he did. HP might surprise you with the results, but at least you’ll trade, since the attacking hitbox is farther out than magnus’ character hitbox.

I do have to ask, though… how’d you get hit by a standing rh with Mag v Sent? Did you get comboed after the super or what? You should never get hit by that in any other situation, since you can hit him out of super armor long before the leg comes up…

c.lk, s.lp, qcf+lp, hsf, dash, s.hk was the full setup.

goddamn, this thread is old.

Okay, so you got launched after super. That kinda sucks… sounds like this kid’s a really good reactionary player to guard break you on the tech so well.

yeah… he does the same shit in 3S… he’ll punish every mistake you make with his chun… but he can’t consistently super jump cancel out of the last hit… in marvel, he doesn’t know how to block… basically, if i get a clean rushdown and pressure game on him, he’s done… but i suck too.

Move to Seattle. You’ll get better FAST. :rofl:

How do you suck at fighting games when you live in NY? I thought that beasts resided there…

Oh yeah! If you tech the throw and get guardbroken, immediately fastfly up and hit him with hp. the only thing he could possibly do about that is lp>hp or lp>donkey. Since the second is highly unlikely, you’ll get out by hitting him or getting smacked to the ground, where you can get out much faster.