A Simple Way of Hitting Izuna Drop More Consistently

I’m sorry if this was already common knowledge but I’ve looked through several pages and have never seen this piece of knowledge shared so I thought I’d post it.

Anyways, for those looking to hit Izuna Drop consistently, I’ve found a visual cue which allows you to consistently hit it without having to rely on “visual height” or timing which is quite hard to do especially if you’re playing online.

What to look for during the Flying Barcelona Attack, on Vega’s descent down; Vega will do a series of 2 rolls in the air, when he finishes these rolls, he will start flattening out to be vertical to land on his feet, once he’s upright/almost upright in the air, THIS is when you input: *neutral on stick, left or right direction + punch.

Good stuff, I’ll have to try it.

For someone who considers himself a Claw player, I still have trouble landing this intentionally, haha.

I say we make this the official Izuna Drop thread. Anyone got a list of characters it’s abusable with?

you’re right!!
haha insane!
kudos to you man!!

Brilliant. Never thought of using that as a cue. My Christmas hat goes off to you, sir.


I noticed that the timing is slightly faster to pull off an Izuna Drop if Vega touches the wall at a lower height. If you are in your own corner and pull off a wall dive right behind you, remember to compensate. But this is a really good method of timing Izuna Drops.

my favorite way of hitting izuna is connecting an ST in the corner, using the FBA to go under them to the wall as they’re falling, and if they tech their recovery, you fly back over their head but really low, and izuna them as soon as they stand up
hard to do but exceptionally pleasing, aesthetically

My easy way and others of executing the Izuna Drop more consistently is when i land on the wall i stay there till Vega moves off on his own i never jump off too early also while im flying towards my opponent i always go over passed my opponent like a cross-up.

For ex. http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2643/4237128399_467458337d_b.jpg


another thing to look out for is this vacuuming WOOOOOOOOSSSHHHH sound that vega makes. The 2 flips finish almost the same time this woosh sound ends. When it gets near the end of the WOOOOSSSHHH is when to move go for the Izuna Drop

Here. I made a small video of this in action.


Hey Rugal, why don’t you make a video of how to time an Izuna Grab while opponent’s are executing a focus attack?

This seems to be a bigger problem, and would be extremely useful.

Also, deep SRK destroys Izuna grab clean. If you are able to consistently Izuna a Ryu player, then he is not doing a deep SRK.

Thanks for the video though! That really does help.


grabbing someone from the front for an izuna drop is practically useless unless you catch them off guard.99% of the times you should steer vega to the back of their heads before attempting to izuna.
the way in which you izuna the training dummy is incorrect,since just about any move would probably beat it if attempted as a meaty.if you where to go over his head though,every thing from an early dp
to a late ex dp would whiff and you’re completely safe even if you miss your drop.

I think he made the video just to show the timing of the drop. Also, if a late SRK was to come out, it wouldn’t matter what side you end up on - you will get SRK’ed in the ballsack

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Thanks. I’ll see if I can do that. I’ll have to practice it first though because I’m a little rusty on that.

And yes… The video isn’t the say all be all technique for doing the Izuna Drop. It’s just a little something that can be useful when trying to get the timing down. I clearly said in the video that you’re not supposed to do them randomly.

incorrect,if you do the meaty izuna properly its impossible to get srked.

the reason why is,by the time he attempts the wake up srk you’d be behind his back and if he where to attempt a late srk you would have come back to the same side by then,which would make him whiff his srk no matter when he does it.

so basically you got to steer vega behind the opponents head and come back to the same direction before you do the drop.in reality it looks like you are above the opponents head throughout.its very difficult to get this down since the last cross up movement is done in a span of 2 frames.but its certainly possible with practice.

also note that im only talking about the meaty aspects of an izuna drop.trying to izuna a standing opponent would be more of a guessing game for you than your enemy.

laxlight is 100% correct. you always have to steer behind their head before you want to try anything. nearly anything most characters try doesn’t get auto corrected in time, including guile’s flash kicks, ryu’s shoryus, sagat’s shoryus, etc. in a lot of cases they can whiff right past you with your move and you can punish again with an ex fba