A site that reviews all sticks!

Long-time lurker here…
Finally, there is a site that reviews current gen arcade sticks! While I have some qualms with it, it is nice to finally have a hub that archives current gen sticks whether or not the reviews are actually good. Personally, I would take the reviews with a grain of salt and do my own research after using such sites as a base…


Awesome site.

Do you know the people that run it? Finding out if they actually used this stuff would be far more trustworthy than them compiling reviews over time.

I am going to link my old out of date guide to this page.

Mind if I borrow this?

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Sometimes all it takes is someone just to compile all the data to get the ball rolling.
The Korean parts thread is one of the more active threads in Tech Talk, and it started with a guy knowing nothing about korean parts or never touched korean parts to compile a list.

That guy was me.


I’ll keep an eye on it.


I have thought about this. There could be a large team of writers tasked with buying and reviewing several sticks each. They could buy sticks used or buy them and then immediately sell them back, which would be especially easier if a deal is made with a shop that could also be promoted. Either way, it would be nice to see the name of the author of each post unless one did them all! :scream:

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It’s all yours!

I couldn’t agree more about the compilation part!

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Hey, again.
Was browsing the site and came across this aside in one of the articles. This is starting to get strange…

“A square gate is quite easy to work with, but the range of movement is much more limited. That is because you only have four points to hit. On the other hand, the octagonal gate has a steeper learning curve, but the opportunities that it presents are endless, making it the ultimate destination for any serious fighting gamer who would like to perform well in the long run. With a square gate, some might struggle to find the diagonal points. In that case, an octagonal gate would be necessary as it is very easy to find the diagonals with an octagonal gate. Square gates emphasize the four main directions of forward, back, up, and down more.”

Square gate has a different range than a octagonal one

For one it’s easier to hit the corner/diagonals in a square gate. But you can’t feel around for up, down, right and left.

Square is actually easy to do quarter circles, you just have to make L shape movements.

Octagonal also makes you ride the gate more which can speed up wear and tear

That’s what I’m saying.
Doesn’t this paragraph seem off then? Or am I just too inexperienced?