A Skill Debilitating Disease

There is an old demographic suffering from a very serious disease. This disease is so newly studied that there is only 1 documented victim used for study. No, really!
The technical name for it is Scrubi-ghonna-herpi-drip. But, thanks to a certain forum member - the case study, it also has a layman’s term. We here at the SFSFSF (San Francisco Street Fighter Studies Facility) have named the disease after him.

It’s called Caim-itus.

Symptoms include, but are in no way limited to, the following:
*Having a piss-poor internet connection or provider and thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*A stubborn inability to adapt to or even accept newly integrated fighting game mechanics. Also known as refusal to evolve. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*A Tourettes-like compulsion to say or type “Scrub” to anyone and everyone with no way to back it up. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*The complete and rather tragic loss of any ability to just have fun with a game. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*Increased sweating, premature ejaculation, and weight gain. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*Blindness to reason or logic caused by your stubborn inability to admit when you’re wrong. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*An undeserved sense of self-satisfaction. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*Complete lack of the mental faculties it requires to hold a discussion as opposed to throwing baseless insults and arguments. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.
*and rectal-cranial inversion. And thinking it’s everyone else’s fault.

Fortunately, as of testing date, it doesn’t seem to be completely incurable.
Luckily, it’s chance of spreading from one carrier to another depends entirely on whether or not anyone will take you seriously.
Looks like there’s no risk there as most people suffering from this disease are never taken seriously to begin with.

I also heard they like salty foods.

And use stayfree maxi pads

Sosage won’t be gone for long right…

Nah. He’s already been through SRK today. Closing some very entertaining and some very legitimate threads.
My only gripe is with the latter of the two.

Careful, chum. You’re showing symptoms.

Case in point, the TC.

This thread is just rude dogg.

Dont worry, there is a cure

These people are special and rightly deserve to be treated like special people! Why are you hating?!

So much animal cruelty on SRK. =(

runs away crying

No. That’s just a center for people who also share the same disease. Unfortunately, it also breeds and spreads the disease.

This is a SERIOUS problem.

Note: Wait… why did my thread get moved? Oh. Because it wasn’t SSF4 specific.