A small FG storyline discussion thread:

Before I even get into this, let me clarify that I don’t want to hear anything about how fighting game storylines are unimportant or whatever. We are going to talk about fighting game storylines at their current value. The questions to answer for discussion here are:

-What FG storyline do you like/dislike the most?
-What are your specific beefs with any FG story you’ve been keeping any tabs on?
-Do you think more Fighting games should focus on storytelling/have story modes?

I can’t answer any of my own questions right now because it’s late and my nose is acting up.

I think Soul Calibur’s always had the best flow and integration, but Namco’s always on top of stuff. New characters make sense with the storyline, characters don’t really get thrown around willy-nilly, it’s all smooth and together. Tekken is like that too, I just like SC better.

KoF is a close second, though I think after the Orochi section (Yashiro/Shermie/Chris year) it got a little dumb.

Street Fighter is pure nonsense, even though I love it. They just throw shit at a wall and hope it sticks.


Project Justice/Rival Schools/Justice Gakuen for the win.

^What he said. Aside from the initial confusion about the Imawano clan (which was easily cleared up), RS/PJ’s story is easy to follow and enjoyable.

^ I agree. High School Soap Opera mixed with People fighting each other to knows who’s the best.

It’s like Dawson Creek mixed with Blood Sport.

-What FG storyline do you like/dislike the most?

KoF had the best story IMO. The current storyline can easily be salvaged. Right now Tekken is the best and that’s not saying much. Of current fightng games, SF3 sucks the most.

-What are your specific beefs with any FG story you’ve been keeping any tabs on?

What I hate is the retconning of deaths. How many Mortal Kombat characters died and then undied? Don’t move the story along then compromise it by bringing ppl back to life with no explaination. If SNK doesn’t explain Geese still being alive then I wouldn’t be suprised. Also I dislike how fighting game stories are generally written and played out. Nobody should have to check online to know the story of the game. This is why casual players make up stories, you all remember back when we assumed that Ryu and Chun Li were siblings/a couple?

-Do you think more Fighting games should focus on storytelling/have story modes?

Take MGS1 and 2 and switch all the gameplay to human vs. AI fighting, that’s what I want story modes to be like. Fighting game stories really have been sucking and there’s no excuse. The arcade mode can stay the same but there should also be a story mode(for console). And by “story mode” I mean something more than what GGXX and T5 gives. For console Story Mode, each character should have their own path and as you walk it, you actually learn about the character’s personality, purpose, and origin. Give the characters actual emotions and real life problems. No more villains that are evil just because and never question it(Everybody except Justice). Enough with the shallow impractical characters. 2-5 minute cutscenes(no still pictures with words) for each charcter before every fight and animation/conversations before round starts. Story mode should add huge replay value. A person with no friends interested in fighters should still be able to enjoy a fighting game. Beating story mode with all players should be an interesting goal and should last as long as an average rpg.

Imagine playing an rpg where all it is to it is battling, no story at all. You don’t even know what your character is fighting for.

Have my children.

^Oh man, I laugh because Kaneda and Rioting speak wise.

I like PJ, GGX (X2 changed up stuff randomly), old school KoF, SoCal, and Tekken (while I don’t like Paul being made a retard, the story does flow and stay non-retarded.)

X2 - Eddie is STILL alive. That and his black magic being changed to an anti-gear weapon.
KoF - Just proceed already. I want to see powered up Ash or whatever is going to happen next. With nests out of the picture, the storyline is worth paying attention to again.

Yes, yes I do believe they should contain better storylines/modes. It really is not that hard. Just look at MBR.

I realized that besides Scorpion, Eddie is the only character I’m okay with being “resurrected.”

Anyway, I like both the Tekken and Mortal Kombat storylines, but here are my problems with them.

-How it can take anywhere near 20 years to research the Devil Gene in Kazuya. Also, how one swoop in with some helicopters and guys with guns could destroy 20 years of research is beyond the logic in me. You’d think they would take extensive backup precautions around the 15-year mark.
-Kazuya is cool, but a bitch essentially. How is he going to be hiding with the part of him that makes him super strong being researched so extensively for 20 years, yet still lose to his son who’s trying to fight off a weaker version of it? Also, after aforementioned son flies out of the dojo, how can he just cut through NEW Jacks like butter?
-Ling’s story in 5 is retarded.

Mortal Kombat
-How in the hell did Scorpion come back in DA the 6th or 7th time? The thing is, Konquest mode will tell you that he found Quan Chi and Quan ended the resulting fight by knocking Scorpion into the moat of acid surrounding the stage they were on. Before that, he escaped through the same portal Quan used, but I don’t remember an explanation for the acid trip.
-How in the hell did Shinnok die? He’s obviously not around? Did Liu Kang get rid of him?
-If Liu Kang could destroy a former Elder God, then how could he get his neck snapped in a 2-on-1 attack by 2 sorcerers? I know that winning the tournament only promises agelessness, but come on…
-Nightwolf sucks in MKD. Nuff said.
-Bo Rai Cho couldn’t compete in MK because he didn’t want Earth to be enslaved/taken over/whatever. He makes this clear with the explanation that since he originated from outworld, his win would have been for outworld. This is very odd; Shang Tsung is from earth originally and I wouldn’t think that his wins would have the earth breakdancing out of joy.

It’s gotten to the point where I have no idea what’s going on in Mortal Kombat anymore and I don’t care to know. I stopped at Liu Kang and Shao Khan dying easily and something about a dragon king. Now I hear that Liu Kang is back. Midway should just give up the rights to Scorpion, Johnny Cage and Kano to Namco. That’d be sweet.

Namco’s no different. Raphael should have the Soul Edge now but fans scream “Nightmare!” and that’s what they get… 3 games in a row. And Heihachi should have died for real and stayed dead. Nobody’s gonna miss him. Either he’s gonna die or he’ll become immortal and that’d suck.

Capcom sucks at character designs(Street Fighter characters that is).

Rioting Soul:

> Capcom sucks at character designs(Street Fighter characters that is).

Get off my internet.

Tell me. In your opinion what are the redeeming qualities of Street Fighter’s characters other than nostalgia?

the SF Alpha transition to SF2. Bison dies at the end of A3, and is back in SF2.

IIRC, the official statement from Capcom was some shit like “He had a new body created for him, and they trnasferred his soul into it”.


I’ve thought of this before, eventually it will happen, and as long as some company who doesn’t suck makes it, it will be awesome. (BTW Shenmue doesn’t count.)

For best story I’ll have to echo everyone else and say Rival Schools/Project Justice, etc. It’s one of the many reasons those games are good.

For worst story I’d have to say games that can’t keep it straight (MK, SF) or perhaps Virtua Fighter, which has generic story. Ultra Corporation - holds tournament - collects fighter data - makes end boss - the end (At least I THINK that’s what VFs story is, maybe I just made it up because it doesn’t have one at all.) Even Killer Instinct’s is slightly better: Ultra Corporation - holds tournament - collects fighter data - makes Fulgore, and summons a demon - the end.


Heihachi (and the rest of the damn Mishima/Kazama family) is still alive.

Cammy’s Delta Red story is way better than that retarded Bison doll crap, (and her costume is hotter too.) But Alpha’s story doesn’t make sense anyway, and there will never be a SF 4 so I guess it doesn’t really matter.

Should fighters focus on story?

I say yes, even though there’s not much to Guilty Gear’s they at least have a concept for each character and a story that makes sense (and to MK’s credit they at least TRY.) Some fighters seem to think that there’s nothing more to a game than “dur-hur PUNCH-KICK!!” And although I’ll play those games, having a story adds flavor that matters.

I agree Project Justice/Rival Schools had one of best recent stories in a fighting game. Although the 3D Samurai Shodown games and the first two had pretty good storylines.

Personally I think Tekken and SC started out with great stories but have since deteriorated. Tekken dropped the ball at Tekken 4, and I feel like SC did at the end of SC2. The storylines that carried over from the first three Tekkens were great and for the most part definately unexpected. Soul Edge’s story to Soul Calibur was fucking insanely good. SC2 was a bit of dissapointment, with to many Soul Edge pieces and shit, and if Rapheal doesn’t have Soul Edge in SC3, I will scream bullshit. Especially if they bring back both Nightmare and Siegfried. Although they are still light years ahead of MK’s random bullshit.

Do I think FG should apply more to storyline, No.

People dont play them for the storyline, its maybe cliche but its the truth.

Sadly, that isn’t entirely true. Many people care more about what Ash Crimson’s up to than if KOF XI’s new changes will negatively affect the game engine or not.

Capcom has actually done a very good job of maintaining, expanding and dealing with their storylines.

The problem is Capcom of America hasn’t done a very good job of PRESENTING the storylines.

And sorry but KOF’s storyline is far from the best, especially if you consider the fact the AOF characters essentially had to be frozen in time for them to even be compactible with KOF. Not to mention the relative ridiculous-ness of 20+ characters vs. some minor boss type character.

It’s easier to treat the AoF/FF timeline as being separate to the KoF timeline. Once you take out the FF/AoF factor, it’s not that bad (though the characters with frozen ages is somewhat ridiclous).

Well, fighting games are a narrow concept and I think that maybe more story could add to them.
I personally think all Story and Arcade modes should be like or be modeled after Tekken 5. That’s one thing I loved about T5: the arcade mode was kind of like an actual arcade.
But put more into the story mode, and don’t make it obligatory for some secrets. Make alternatives for secrets like extra characters and whatnot.