A small guy needs help with the big guy

Lately i’ve picked up honda. Reasons to such,i’m a new stick user and believe charge characters are better or easier to start off with. 2nd i suck at execution, honda being less combotasous (lol) than other characters i felt obligated to pick him up.To be honest he’s not my cup of tea but from watching some videos there’s one thing i like about him, his pressure. its like the opponent feels this heavy reiatsu from him.
So im here to ask for ur help or assistance. if possible i would like information on where to begin,what is it i must learn first and learn after. Details from 1-10 of the learning process of the sumo guy.

This may also provide great assistance to new honder players.
Thank you in advance:tup:

It all depends on what you want to know. If you want to know bnb combos or match ups, there are threads here already for you to read.

Some basics to get you started though :slight_smile: (Apologies if some of these sound really nooby but im gonna assume you are completely new to the fat man)

  1. ex headbutt is your preferable anti air now. There will still be situations where a normal or buttslam will be better but you will learn this over time and is match up specific

  2. cr.lp xx hhs > st.hk should be your bnb, from the ground or after a jump in. After you are comfortable, start to learn cr.mk xx hhs so you can start from a low hitting move.

  3. Learn to block and tech. I know this is simple advice but you really need to get this down as Honda is at a big disadvantage against cross ups and safe jumps. When in a block string, crouch and press lp+lk in time with your opponent’s hits. This is an option select where if the opponent goes for a throw you tech and if not you get a cr.lk which you can then follow with your BnB. Just be careful of counter hit set ups.

  4. j.mk is your best cross up, just be careful with the timing against tall chars like Sagat, Seth, Zangief and T.Hawk. Not that you should be crossing up the last 2 though!

  5. Learn to tick into Oicho. Cr.lk, st.lk, cr.mk, cr.lp are all great for this.

  6. Be sparing with Buttslams. They can be focussed and good players will punish you hard for a mis placed one. They are great for catching people jumping back though, especially after you have hit them with Oicho a few times.

  7. Dont do full screen headbutts and use fp headbutt sparingly as a rule. It can be punished by a lot of the cast. (See match up thread for each char)

  8. Neutral j.fp can be steered forward and back whilst in the air, enabling you to get over fireballs easier.This is also Honda’s best tool if you predict a jump in.

  9. Spacing is very important with Honda, once you have lost your charge people will jump on you knowing your options are limited. With the right spacing a st.fp will chop them out the air clean or (More likely) trade in your favour.

  10. The majority of the time you want to choose Ultra 1. It goes through fireballs and can catch a jump in if done early enough. You really need to be looking for the jump though like when the opponent is cornered. To hit it as an anti air, you need to activate before someone reaches the peak of their jump.

Theres so much to cover but that should get you started.

Ah yes this was very informative,good stuff . question,for anti airing what do i resort to? people jump all over me especially at close range and i dont know how to handle it.
Opened to more help;)

Most of these were mentioned in the post above yours, but what the hey.

Anti-airs include s. :hp: (aka “the porkchop”), EX headbutt, and air to air neutral j. :hp:. From afar, sometimes j. :mp:. or j. :hp: or sometimes Ultra 1 if it’s really obvious.

Buttslam (charge :d:, :u: :k:) works from time to time, esp. the :lk: version, but as mentioned, it’s best to be used only sparingly.

Ahh i see thanks a lot.

Get some matches in from other Honda players and take in as much as you can. Incorporate all of HondaHex’s advice…it’s all good stuff.

I think someone said that mp buttslam works better than lp if you do it deep?

Best E. Honda tutorial video ever by Streak.

Some of the info might be a little dated it’s from Vanilla.

agreed. that streak video is awesome.

Upclose ex buttslam hits for two.
Try not to whiff ochios.
Work on HHS
Jump back fierce
Eat your chanko stew

Be excellent to eachother

HondaHex, I LOVED your list. Is there any way you could give us your 11-20?