A small Request

Right ok this is a bit wierd but I have noticed that there is a difference in the console loading screen before a fight (where they show the characters), from the arcade to home console versions, I dunno if anyone else has pictures of them I read the rules but since I couldnt find the sprite/image of it Im going to post a youtube vid of the differences…

Arcade Version [media=youtube]S6eLhAaZg8w[/media] About 5 seconds in
Home Console verssion [media=youtube]Y_-YFvQ2QPo[/media] At the start

Note these videos were picked at random so I apologise if it seemed like I robbed someone’s vid or whatever.

Im requesting (if there is any that is) the arcade versions of the images, and if possible the home console versions (I’m trying to take these myself via capturing and screen shots etc), and I wonder if the PC version has the original arcade versions of these, I’m sure someone can mod them etc etc I don’t know the process, I’m just saying. Anyhoo thanks for reading.

right sorry for the double post but I think I found a pdf with the original characters on there now if only I knew photoshop lol anyways here it is http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf4/download.html, and you have to look for the arcade command pdf which is http://www.capcom.co.jp/sf4/download/SF4_hissyo_VEWLIX.pdf