A small trick with crane j.HK*2

I wish this occurred to me earlier. Hooray option selects.

So, the crane j.HK*2 tends to work better against larger characters, right? When you try it against even average sized characters, it’s hard to do it low enough for both attacks to hit. Worse, if you do it early enough for the kicks to combo, the opponent might avoid it entirely by crouching or anything else that could change their hitbox. Your j.HK whiffs, and if you’re mashing too hard, you get something dangerous when you land like a crane s.HK or c.HK.

Instead, always do crane j.HK by holding straight back (for the charge) and mashing LP+LK+HK. Time it early enough so that you’d get 2 hits if it makes contact. Here’s what will happen:

  1. Your j.HK hits twice, easy hit confirm into whatever you like.
  2. Your j.HK whiffs, you land and immediately do a back throw.

In the air the HK input will take priority, but on the ground the throw input will take priority. You can just keep mashing until you get one or the other. Just don’t charge down-back in the air, or else you’d basically get a crouch tech roundhouse when you land.

When the j.HK whiffs, it usually barely whiffs. It’s annoying, but it’s unintentionally deceptive too. Your opponent probably would have expected it to hit just as much as you did. When you do a throw faster than you can react to your own whiff though, it’s going to be hard for them to tech. It’s certainly better than the alternatives if you tap HK by itself too much.

OMG i did countless HK on the ground because of this!! I will try it.

Damn Yeb, that’s going to help quite a bit. Although I still need to work on my spacing for j.rh in Crane anyway, but good shit man!!

indeed quite useful

Ahhhh, finally won’t do c.HK anymore, hate it, so vulnerable

Thanks Yeb!

I tried this and i havnt gotten used to it so i Get punished for misser grabs some time as i spam it some times, but its really great for faking a hit then Get the grab! Like 90 % of the grabs hit !

Does this also work with the cross-up J. Hk?

Maybe I’m crazy, but if the first kick lands, and you hit the ground before the second one comes out, doesn’t the throw just whiff since they’re recovering from the first kick?

The hit stun of the first kick really should be enough time for you to react and at least stop mashing, although you might not get the combo you want if you were expecting the second kick to hit. Anyway, the whole idea is to do it early enough that you’ll either get 2 hits or the throw.

I’m really not sure what you mean. Crane j.HK can crossup sometimes, but it’s hardly reliable and I’ve never seen the second hit work anyway. If you’re aiming for a crossup, there’s no need to mash in the first place.

thanks for sharing! :slight_smile: