A song I made in honor of the FGC


Hello everybody!

I have always loved fighting games since I was a little kid, I remember when I was in my room playing Street Fighter 2 on my SNES. Since then I have played mostly Street Fighter games but also some Tekken. I have shared many great moments with other people because of fighting games and the bottom line is: Fighting Games Are Great. But we all knew that of course.

Anyways, the FGC is amazing and I felt like I wanted to contribute with something, so I made a song in honor of the FGC. It’s inspired by retro fighting gaming music mostly and secondly by my personal music taste (in this case, fusion and psybient artists). I had an amazing time doing it and I hope you enjoy it aswell!:slight_smile: Long live the FGC! <3

Here’s the link to it on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QE1WI3Mv0BQ

I will probably do a few more songs with the theme of fighting games and upload them to youtube.

/Simon Greenleaf