A special request. Requires lots o skill

If anyone could do this, i would greatfully appreciate it.

I really need a full sized photo for my lastest combo exhibition project. In this photo I would like to include the 5 following characters from tekken.

Steve Fox


Roger Jr.

Lei Wulong

Bryan Fury

If i could have all 5 characters standing in a row at the same level towards the center of the photo, but not crowded, and at the bottom of the photo in the order of

Lei Wulong
Roger Jr.

Basically im going for a look similar to what’s seen here…

I would like the characters to be whited out similar to the way they are whited out in the link above. In the background could i please have this…
http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/fr/4/4b/Tekken-logo.png Just the symbol not the words.

You get the general idea of where im going with this. The Team name is “Celestial Beings” so that would also have to be very prominent in the photo as well. Im looking for a wallpaper sized photo.

Its not required, but if you feel like it, implementing our names into the photo in some way would be awesome. Replace the character names as follows

Lei Wulong = Fhwoarang
Hwoarang = Guc11
Roger Jr. = S.M.P
Steve Fox = Bullrage
Bryan Fury = Ares

Please if someone could do this for me i would greatly appreciate it! Thanx in advance! I really appreciate any effort into this.


I’ve done avs for a couple of your people over at TZ. =D

Can you find renders instead?

I dont want an avatar, i want a wall paper, a regular sized photo.

What’s are renders? :wtf:

I know what you want, I’m just saying I think I have the capacity to do something for ya.

In a nutshell, a render is a cut of a pic. Say, for instance, that Steve you listed up there, but it’d be SOLELY Steve, no gray background or anything.

Somethin like this?


If so I have the same thing for the other characters already in my first post… or do you not even want the white background also?

Please someone help!? :sad: Im at the end of my project and i really need this if someone could do it for me…

I’m off tomorrow, but you’ll need to assist me in finding those renders.

That’ll work, but preferrably in bigger size. FIND THE REST!






I’m willing to give it ago, but you need to properly define how big you want it because those character images vary in size alot, so you need to get better images for some of them. I got a huge one for Hwoarang in the exact pose though.

1440x900 preferebly…

But basically im using this photo as part of an introduction to our combo exhibition team. So if it needs to be a different size to be used in a video then go for it. In my very first post there is a pic that is very similar to exactly what i want. If you could duplicate it very close to that then that would be perfect. :rock:

Uh. I’m working on it now, but I need to know each character’s colors.


Half-way done. I’ve already picked out colors based on the characters’ costume color. I’ll change them if need be, mainly because I like pastels more than anything.

Done, with 2 versions:


With Celestial Beings logo


With Tekken logo.

Let me know what you think.

These are HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!! Exactly what I wanted… except I would prefer if S.M.P was in the middle. Other than that man you are the SHIT!!! Thank you so much!!! BIGWORM for President!!

Holy shit BIGWORM, that is awesome.

Thank you.