A step up for console games



World Cyber Games Console X-box tournament for Halo,

USA entry Mat Leto “Zyos”

The winner of the Halo Tournament Received $20,000

The WCG tournament overall held total $350,000+ in prizes

Organizations such as WCG and CPL usually only Use PC games as their medium for their tournaments.

However, WCG was the first to add a Console game into their lineup. (mainly Counterstrike)

Hopefully this brings the Future of seeing Console Fighting Game Tournaments in World Cyber Games and a Large Prize money of $10,000 for single events. (WCG has actually considered putting up Tekken Tag for PS2 in earlier events like WCG 2001)

World Cyber Games 2004 is going to be held in San Fransisco, California. (Around the Sony Metreon Area)

(WCG USA 2003 Finals was held in LA)

So, just a heads up, could be a chance for fighting game community growth. (just my 2cents)


nothing like playing at the arcade…


exactly…you never get $20,000 at an arcade