A Street Fighter influenced Dubstep track getting big airplay in the UK right now


What you guys think? I doubt many of you will like it, I’m not sure how big the dubstep scene is in the US but over here it’s quite big now.

im noticing dubstep is gettin bigger in the us.

Yeah, I went to ultra festival in miami and they had some of the UK’s biggest dubstep names playing there. Bassnectar is american and he played there as well.

someone told me Deadmau5 recently got sampled by a us popstar or sumtin.

No matter how hard i try, can’t get into Dubstep. I like dub. I like Reggae. Like Rocksteady. Can’t groove to dubstep. shrug

never heard of rocksteady…that a techno sub genre?

Naw it’s the genre that developed into Reggae.

I like the original video better though

lol d double e is sick never knew he was into street fighter though lol

This music is black, I am white, it is not for me.

I dig it, this is tight.

This is a common misconception about dub step. Yur gonna find way more white (UK) dub step producers than you will black ones. And U.S. dub-step for the most part is hot garbage. I’m not a huge dizzee fan but this a pretty cool track.

i’ve just been getting into dubstep, cool thread.

Regardless of the colour of the performers or producers, just like shitty (my opinion) rap, its black music. White people who perform and listen to it are acting mad wiggerish, there’s a lack of cultural identity. Metal for example, is white music, and as such as almost totally devoid of black performers and fans (apart from those confused ‘Oreos’).

I like any kind of music that sounds good, and this includes metal from time to time… this being said you will not see my ass at a metal concert… because metal does too much of a good job when it comes to getting hype and I’m not trying to come back with a broken nose…

The hype+white people are crazy combo is broken…

I may be confused, but not THAT confused…

^ Repressed racism for the loss.

umm, again, Dubstep is primarily a “white” genre. The majority of producers, performers, and fans are white. Not that it makes a difference, associating an art form with race is pretty fucking stupid to begin with. I think you heard something that is born from earlier genres like hip hop and drum n bass and just assumed it must be “black music” which is a pretty ignorant stance to take.

If it’s not your thing because you don’t like the sound, that’s fine, everyone has their personal taste (or ear as it were) when it comes to music. But to just say i’m white and that’s why i think it sucks, makes you come off like a retard.

you’re either a troll or a disgusting racist. either way, please don’t post in here any more.

in other news, [media=youtube]Sme1k4ZRgGI[/media] which isn’t terribly great, but i figured i’d share it with you cats. it’s pretty minimalist.

i really like that track in the OP.

I don’t like this type of music, chavs love this stuff over here. Hearing something like this live would be pretty cool, I could get into that.

lol, what percentage of hiphop music is acutally bought by white people, Iit must be pretty high.

I thought the guy was going to turn out to be Chinese

Pretty much. The only people that I knew that actually bought LiL Wayne’s CD was white. Probably same goes for every other mainstream rapper.

Me too. I was 100% sure this was the dude from that 39 cent Micky D rap. :rofl: