A Street Fighter influenced Dubstep track getting big airplay in the UK right now

Metal developed from blues and jazz, which is “black music”.

Anyways, I don’t think much of this. I like my dubstep to kick me in the face, and less rap in it.

You must be 11 years old.

or an idiot

Damn Mecha rock n roll is black music so you need to go find a new genre Asap

lol @ Mecha’s posts.

I needed a good laugh thx <3

This sounds good but I can’t get with this other dubstep shit that sounds like fucking trashcans being ran over, stay minimalist my dude. I like what you got going on in that track…

cheers man, appreciate it.

holy shit i didnt know a black guy was the voice behind tai mai shu?!?!

i wish today was wednesday…

stay free mecha


I raged a little.

Pretty sure AWB would tell you to go fuck yourself. Doubly so, since you’re in Scotland.

Update: [media=youtube]O8hi7CaqE8A[/media]

The official video, with an added verse

Music for imbeciles. Always okay to see SF getting some love tho.

This guy sounds like he has [media=youtube]oZ8-ETHE9AI"[/media].