A Street Fighter Museum coming soon to New York City


Hello everyone, just wanted to stop by and let all the Street Fighter fans know that there will be a Street Fighter Museum coming soon to New York City. Please feel free to follow us on Instagram @streetfightermuseumnyc for updates and details. We are working hard to have it up and running real soon. And will be posting updates here when we can, We hope to bring a new exciting entertainment experience to every generation of Street Fighter Fans.




You gotta have stations with every iteration for people to play against each other on. That would be dope!




Can I vlog?


Please don’t forget to include Ingrid, the Eternal Goddess of Street Fighter! :slight_smile:


Probably the first thing to ever compel me to visit that rat infested dump

How involved is Capcom?


I think I would have a sensory overload if I were to go there.


Louisiana…now THAT is a rat-infested dump. Minimal job opportunity regardless of your background, and basically all jobs universally pay LESS than they do elsewhere. They got these Michael Jordon-level transplant Doctors that make about $100K less than they would in other states.

And the state’s most popular city, New Orleans? Smelly, high-crime, heavy traffic encrusted hellhole. Anyone living there practically burns up 20% of every full-tank just sitting in traffic as the shit crawls for miles…

“Oh, whats that? I have a job interview thats only 11 miles away? Guess i better leave an HOUR or so early to compensate for the shitacular traffic…and even then there’s a chance i may not make it on time”