A Streetfighter 4 Optimized Joysticklayout - a step toward abusing the gamemechanics

Hi There,

i was thinking about the Backbutton usage as a Blinkbutton and i WANT IT for my Jabs and Shorts so i was thinking about a replacefacepannel for my Joystick and here is the Idee

Extra Button for the Thumb

Sega2-Layout with Extra Thumbbutton it hase multible usage^^

it can be Mapped to:

  • Back
    For blinking Jab/Shorts

  • Any Kick or Punsh
    for Charging moves like Boxer/El-Fuerte

  • Jump
    for triangle Jumps and Tigerknee Motions

  • Forward AND Backward
    results in a Forwardmotion either way so for FAST Dashs while holding back


  • Easy Blinking grab+MP

  • PPP/KKK Focusand co…
    just a better position instead of the pinky finger

  • FokusAtack; Grab; PPP / KKK
    easy and fast access

the Button should be easy to reach and dont disturb the normal gameplay specialy when you map BACK to it it will not even harm if you accidently press it

if allready ordert a Plexi replacement and will post pictures of the finished Stick inside here too :slight_smile:

hehe cool find i didnt know that such a layout existed :stuck_out_tongue:

omgoodness where did you get the layout for the joystick plate. i have been looking for it forever. wanna tell me pretty please

AkihabaraShop.jp is your friend he has the layouts^^

thanks alot buddy. appreciate it