A stupid salty mofo

Right, so I’ve been trying to pick up Rufus and the dilemna I’m having is that I’m not really progressing with him. So you may ask yourself why, and the simple reason is that I HATE losing! I’m such a salty bastard, seriously! It’s not even games, football (soccer as you guys call it :P) or any other sport, I cannot stand losing. But anyway, the problem I’m having is I love Rufus, the guys an awesome character and I think after about a month I might finally have his BnB down, but anyway. When playing in Endless, I’ll lose to a really scrubby Ryu or Ken or someone, and my first instinct is “Right, go back to Rog and pound this noob” but that’s where I’m going wrong. Being the guy I am, I simply cannot stand losing to people I know I’m better than, I’m just stupid like that. Like today I played Emperor C0w or w/e his name is and I don’t think I’ve ever raged so much, he just sat his ass in the other corner of the screen doing those fuhajin things all day, and being the uber-shit Rufus I am I had no idea what to do and just kept getting hit, I eventually just put down my stick and left the lobby as soon the match was over, because that guy was only adamant on doing that (I know, I’m a dick right?).

So when people are trying to learn a new character, how do you go about it? I’ve never learnt a new character, I’ve always been a Rog man since the beginning, I really need some help because at this rate, I’m thinking of just giving up Rufus and sticking with Rog, but Rufus is oh so sexy!

You just have to see losing as an opportunity to learn.

If someone is winning all the time, its only because they wont play anyone that challenges them.

So you shouldnt see losing as a negative.

ive been trying to give ryu more time lately, and what ive been doing is just sticking it out. play the player first and foremost. ill try and learn new tricks with ryu as I play. Im not the type of person to spend hours in training mode because I dont value fancy combos or any of that crap (though I cant say I never goto TM), the only thing I care about is how to play another person mentally.

So, take that for what its worth

Check your ego. Someone who just barely has the bnb’s down for their main is in no position to be judging who they are better than.

great thread name btw

I started playing Rufus a month ago, and yeah I’ve only started hitting the bnb in real games in the last couple of days.

Truth is, shotos are tough for Rufus. You have to play it safe, look for a knockdown and pressure like hell with divekick mixups without getting hit by DPs.

Yeah I know. I’ve been watching a few video’s of high level Rufus’s and their dive kick pressure is awesome. When I try that shit online I just get DP’s :L
But yeah, I guess I’m gonna have to grind it out. Another shit thing is Rufus’ BnB has that 1 framer, and 99.99% of the time I get DP’d clean right through it because often I won’t hit it, some good people I play just block but others just ignite my ass with hp.srk :frowning:

It’s tough to own up to this. Kudos.

I’m the same way, only in reverse. When I play as my main (Chun Li), I occasionally get enraged. I’ve actually shattered a controller, which is embarrasing and strange considering I’m used to losing and normally don’t mind it. (It was against a Guile: Sonic Boom, Sonic Boom, EX Boom, jumping MK, cLK x 2-3, cFK, Flash Kick, coda.)

I decided to pick up a new character recently, and played a few dozen ranked matches on random until I found one I liked: Makoto.

I’m kind of in the same boat you’re in with Rufus (still learning, etc.), but I don’t get upset when I lose with her, only when I lose with my main. This is good, because I think I’ve won four out of ~40 online matches with Makoto and zero at the arcade. As you can imagine, my PP have plummeted dramatically! (I think I’m at 160 now, not that that really matters for a mediocre player like me.) But despite that, I play as Makoto now for a few reasons.

1-She’s low tier, so I don’t feel like I’m capitalizing on a high tier character’s systemic advantage.
2-She’s surprisingly non-sexualized, which is rare for a female in pretty much any form of media, and which I support. (At least her first two costumes were, the third is starting to get into Sakura/Ibuki/Chun Li territory, but still not too bad.)
3-I don’t mind losing with her, even if it’s to a very predictable player whose flowchart play I just can’t respond to.

**I say stick with Rufus. **The online play makes it very difficult to learn a new player b/c you’re trying to figure out combos against people with 3k+ PP who are using their main character and can easily punish all of your goofs. Kinda sucks sometimes, but it’s better than only playing Practice, and if you like the character it might be worth the trudge. I’d offer to endless you with my equally bad (if not worse) Makoto, but yeah. PSN/XBL. :frowning:

This was a great line, btw: “being the uber-shit Rufus I am I had no idea what to do and just kept getting hit.” Pretty much describes me online. :wink:

@ pherai: He said he mains Balrog. I think he was talking about Rufus when he mentioned BnB.

You’ve got to convince them not to dp at all. Then you can pressure for real. Do one divekick, wait, sweep, repeat. Also, if they’re mashing when you do the combo, do divekick, c.lp, c.lp, which works as a blockstring. Add or remove hits to bait then punish. Then send abusive messages afterwards explaining their scubbiness to them.

Thanks for the advice guys, much appreciated :slight_smile: But yeah, I think I’ve landed my first ever Rufus BnB online today, it brought a tear to my eye :L I was also playing this 10.5k Sagat, I looked back on the match and he had turbo on and mashed like crazy, how do these people get such high PP and BP? I can’t even get past 2.5kPP with Rog and this dude had like 4k and was the biggest scrub I’ve seen. But anyway, @Smoothjazz101 seeing as you are also trying to figure out Rufus, mind if I add you on XBL? I’m trying to build up my friends list of quality players and only have like 4 so far :confused: (I have the few next-gen players who have like 16kBP but they’re very rarely playing with me…). So yeah, I’m gonna have to get used to sticking with Rufus. I daren’t go in Ranked Match because I worked so hard to get my 2.5k PP as this means I don’t run into as many scrubs and have fun online games, with Rufus that would go down the drain and I’d be playing 1k Ryu’s and Ken’s again :frowning:
Another problem I’m having with Rufus is the fact I get in a lobby with some decent players, but because I’m so shit with Rufus I just get kicked after lol. I try to send them a message explaining and they either reply “fawk yhoo skrub” or something stupid like that. But yeah, I’m always looking for good players to add to my list so give me an add if you wish :slight_smile:

gasp Not Blanka, please! :stuck_out_tongue: Yeah, I can put the time in, that’s not a factor. It’s just knowing you’re going to get your ass whooped badly for a month or so until you become a god, and then you return to favour to everyone :slight_smile: