A suggestion for Everyone's second favorite lawyer

Because UltraDavid is clearly our favorite attorney of all time…

Phoenix Wright… I have no clue how he’s going to play, but I’ve been saying for a while I think I know what Phoenix Wright’s level three should be… X FACTOR OBJECTION.

Your opponent activates X Factor, you have three bars with Phoenix Wright… OBJECTION!!! X Factor gets deactivated for your opponent… Yes this would be REALLY powerful. But given that I’m not sure how they can make Phoenix Wright a real character anyway… I have to say… would he really be any different with this other than being a gimmicky character like Haggar Lariat Assist? ('Cause really… who PLAYS Haggar right?) Now I don’t know if it would be too powerful if it permanently disabled X Factor or if it could only be used once your opponent ACTIVATED X Factor or if it would turn it back off temporarily… I don’t know…

I think it’d be epic. Thoughts?

I am VERY curious to see how this guy plays. I’m not sure where the rumors started about him bein MvC3’s captain commando but I’ve just been flowin with that hopin it’s true and how he will call out buddies ala Courtroom style as his moves. Also with Tron and Haggar assist bein nerfed I am praying some of the new characters have new godlike assist. So far none of the current ones seem to have one but I could be wrong on that. I did read someone say Nemesis as armor on one of his but I don’t know how true that is.

But yea if he has a captain commando like assist I’d be all down for that. One week and we will see the new trailers… well some anyway!

EDIT: P.S. If he had a lvl 3 Objection that turned someones X-factor off that WOULD be epic but I don’t know about that. That would seem wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy too godlike and I think everyone would pick him for sure. I know I would make him be on every team I made because I am a hater of X-factor. It would give me much joy and pleasure to just nullify someones but then again you would be using 3 bars on that but I think it would be totally worth it.

Look, we all have our problems with X-Factor, but wasting a Lv.3 just to cancel it is a terrible idea. X-Factor isn’t THAT much of a deciding force in a match.



Well and I think it would be more fair in UMvC3 since X Factor in general is being toned down (not super huge but its being more standardized and generally a little less powerful overall is my understanding) and right now watching really high level players X Factor is at its worst when its in combos taking out two characters at once anyway and its not like you have an opportunity to DHC to Phoenix Wright in this situation when you’re being blown up…And making it a level 3 seems pretty fair to me, I mean Strider is getting TWO level threes and Phoenix still needs all 5 bars to go dark…

I just think it’d be something REALLY unique to give what should be a REALLY unique character…

And come on… who really plays Haggar and doesn’t just abuse him for the amazing lariat assist?

Just because an idea’s unique, doesn’t make it a good one. That would really just be a waste of a Lv.3.

All I know is that one of Phoenix Wright’s win quotes needs to include a reference to UltraDavid, as one of Deadpool’s win quotes referes to Yipes. Because really, where else are we going to get another non-super powered lawyer turned fighter?

I heard he’s going to be like Norimaro from SFxM
a joke character. =/

I hope not. But then again, mostly every versus game there’s always that one character is like “Really…? For real? No shit! Janet Jackson!?” and the later to find out it was a huge bust. :l lol

Cheech Wizard… [And before the “Not Noobs” remarks come in he was top 32 [?] at evo]

I COMPLETELY approve of this. X Factor Objection canceled to P.W.'s own X Factor Raging Law Demon to Ultra David win quote!

Alright, I stand corrected, my apologies to all the dedicated Mayor players I just didn’t know about.

Haggar isn’t gimmicky, he’s just a horrible character with a godlike assist.

I do feel like his moves are going to be hitting you but with wright doing something else , like bending over to get something n going a headbut type deal

  1. Jack McCoy
  2. Vincent “Vinny” Gambini
  3. Alan Shore
  4. Phoenix Wright
  5. Ally McBeal

My top 5 lawyers.

I do, he’s fun to me on point. OCVing with Haggar is quite hilarious when it happens, especially if the other player is using a top of the line team.

Okay, I apologize for my lack of knowledge on Haggar players…

But X Factor Objection for Phoenix Wright… opinions?