A suggestion to Capcom about the picking the start+ / console / new colors


Let’s use this as a reference:


So you see, the extra colors I assume you can unlock after beating arcade mode with the respective character are the ones that have start+ written on them. However, the start button is random select on the character select screen. Because of that, you have to switch your color palette to the new color palette in order to use the new colors.

I suggest Capcom does away with the selecting what color palette you want. Instead, you should hold the respective button that would get you the new color. For example, hold Jab/LP to get new color 1. Hold Strong/MP to get new color 2. And so on.

You would just hold on to the button for just a few seconds, and then you can select your Super Art with whatever button you want. Hey, maybe Capcom can even put in a little “ding” noise or something to confirm you successfully selecting the new color.

Also, I’ve heard you can’t use the new color palette in online matches. Please fix this.

  1. I agree wholeheartedly.
  2. This won’t happen for a long time, if not ever. They’re busy with actual problems and will probably not focus on interface issues and such. It’s a shame, really.


How do you switch your color palette?


downloadable content -> my content or something like that

there are like a hundred things that need to be fixed before this. ding noise sounds retarded. maybe if you hold start when selecting the super then you get the extra colours. also you didnt have to post this on every forum on the internet. and you can use the extra colours in online matches (on ps3 in ranked anyway). maybe you shouldve actually tried before telling them to fix it.


The way this should work is:

Hold start for 1.5 or 2 seconds for random select.

Then we can go back to pressing start+ each button for the new colors. Much simpler.

I don’t understand how this game can have so many problems. It’s literally like no one ever played it before release.


Well, crap – I figured the “console” palettes weren’t even in the game. After clearing the game with Sean I was trying to get his green gi and kept random selecting. I tend to use his “Batsu” colors (LK, standard palette) most of the time.


random should have been the select button. i keep forgetting and i keep random picking all the time


just do an actual slot for random select, c’mon… it can be hidden opposite to Gill.

Start+Button worked great and they effed it up there :frowning:

Anyways, the game is awesome.


Or how about just making the random select it’s own character slot and having all color options in a separate menu after choosing your character like in every other new fighting game. Too bad logic escapes Capcom, like usual.

Also, console colors being called "2nd Impact Colors"
I fucking facepalmed.


Wait, so just to select alternate colors, I have to actually go into options and set them?

Wow, no thanks.


And you can’t use the original colors at the same time. Nice, huh?


I didn’t get why they’re called 2i colors either… I mean, a quick trip to Zweifuss.ca would have fixed that :stuck_out_tongue:


You should post this on Capcom Unity’s forum as well as every others grievances, looks efficient.


It isn’t. The old system, or better yet, a color selection menu would have been efficient (I mean, they even have previews of the colors in the DLC section). I think it’s pretty laz… hmmm… it was a big overlook that they did it this way.

(Also, why was random select such an important addition anyways? 3s is not really a game where you pick random. Besides, close your eyes, twirl the stick around, press jab, twirl it some more, press jab again. There, Ghetto-random.)


Yes. I posted this here, on Eventhub’s forum, Capcom Unity’s forum, and GameFAQs forum for this game (both PS3 and 360.) I wanted as many people to see this as possible.

So, what would you guys prefer? Keep Start as random select and hold button for new colors? Or do away with Start as random select, make a random select slot on the character select screen, and go back to the old Start + button selecting?


i don’t think any of those ideas are valid anymore because colour packs are being released as dlc. with a minimum 20 palettes per character and a limit of 6 buttons, going into the dlc menu and setting your pack of choice is really the only way to accommodate the number of colours.


Yes, this. Going to the menu and choosing the palette set you want is not an issue at all. If you have a favorite color, just leave it on that color pack and you’re good to go. No big deal.


Ok, but how about this? Capcom would still get rid of Start as random select and make a random select slot, or keep Start as random select and allow you to hold buttons for the new colors.

You would be able to have access to 13 colors at once. Then you can pick a different color pack, and boom, 13 new colors to choose from.



Do it like BlazBlue, KOF13, SF4, SSF4 have been doing it (and I think UMvC3 will be doing it) and give us a color selection mini-menu.


Yeah you should be able to have two packs ‘active’, holding down start to access the second ‘active’ pack. Just put a ??? on the character select for random. I prefer a random button to pressing start anyway.