A SUPER simple TE modding question


I’ve decided to pick myself up one of the original TE sticks as I prefer the art over the rd 2.

The thing I am wondering is, how difficult is it to paint the “wings” black like the ones on the rd 2?
I know this is a very simple question, but I’m incredibly unskilled when it comes to this sort of thing :wink:
Can it just be sprayed? What do you use and how?

Thanks for any replies - I appreciate it.



You can try to pick up some vinyl dye from an auto shop. Works great on white plastic and almost idiot proof. Search some painting guides in the forum and they will mention them


there’s a thread about painting the fightstick. if you do a search, you will find everything you need to know.


Pick up some Vinyl, not that Krylon fusion crap, Vinyl spray paint from an auto shop. Apply thin light coats. Go back and fourth LIGHTLY. Go across and spray, let go. Go back and spray, let go, etc…


Excellent! Thanks for the information guys.


Quick thread derailing, is it possible to just kinda chop off the “wings”? Can they be detached, etc?


They can be removed.
There are tabs holding them in.