A superman av request


Can someone make a av with this gif in it? Do what ever cool thing you want, just would like supes to be in it thanks.


I can’t beleive nobody wanted to do it. I’'ll do this.


Hey, thanks . I would have posted back sooner but been busy with papers and finals what not. Feel free to post it now, thanks.



that’s a cool one! where’d you get that sprite? looks like magneto’s stance in MvC2, only cooler, since it’s superman :D.


Dam that sprite is hot!:eek:


I don’t remeber where i got it was awhile back, i just thought it would be cool to have him in my av. No, av still… come on can no one make me one please?


I think someone could make it better:sweat:


its a mugen sprite…


A edit (or custom) mugen character/sprite…so…


so… it would be nice that the origional artist got credit…as we all know, custom sprites are not open source…at least not 90% of the time…


gifmaniacos.com this is the website i got it from, so what should i do now?