A team choice

Ok I’m completely new to marvel I just started playing 2 weeks ago. And im having trouble picking a team. Ive messed around with the people who are good in the game and ive learned some combos and such and I really like alot of the characters. but dunno who to use as a team.

Msp-The team I was working with. I was told that i should learn this team but I realized that this team requires pretty good exectution. And in which me playing marvel for 2 weeks, ,I dont have that kinda of exectution lol. But I like storm and psylocke.

Cable-I like cable. he plays keep away and there isnt to many air combos with him. I like to stay grounded as much as possible.

Captain commando- I like his AAA. So im going to use him one way or the other. and or psylocke. :tup:

Sentinel- I have no idea what to do with him other than use his assists but I do like him. I wanna learn him so I figure I would use him too. Only it hes worth learning however…

If there are any suggestions you guys could make for me that would be very helpful. thanks.

Shuma, guile, thanos - only team you need

Watch lots of videos.

If your going to use characters because of their assist types atleast learn the character. It makes me sick when people take advantage of assist types and dont know how to play that character. It’s just really sad.

EDIT: Dont just stick to using god tiers/teams either…

How about trying out Scrub? That team is Cable(anti-air)/Sentinel(Ground)/Captain Commando(anti-air), or also played Sentinel/Cable/Commando with the same assist set. It is generally a pretty nice team to pick up.

Also, Consider picking up Blackheart(anti-air)/Cable(anti-air)/Doom(anti-air). I feel that, with this team, along with Scrub, can help you understand the game pretty well.

Also as the above post said, look at match videos and find teams that you would find appealing to you. Try them out and develop strategies for them yourself.

Also, try and be original and stuff. When you make your teams and all, think about what they have to go into a match with. Do they have a nasty DHC? Does your team have an advantage over the opponent’s team? Am I at a disadvantage against a particular part of a team? In other words, make your teams as balanced as possible, or at least have a very well planned strategy for your team.

I think that is about all I can think of for right now. I hope this helps you in any way in play marvel and all.

what you think of storm cable and psy?

Decent. With Storm on point, two good AAs are available (assuming nobody’s dead). No assist which clears up horizontal space like Sent’s drones, but you can do without one. However, this team doesn’t have good DHCs, IMO. After a LS AC, you can DHC into Cable’s HVB, but that adds about 25 damage or so (have to try it out in training mode) with no way of tacking on damage on the end like Sent’s HSF. With Cable on point and Psy next in line, you could either DHC into the charging HC (which does little damage) or the butterfly HC (low range). Psylocke’s AC with butterfly HC finisher DHC to Hailstorm is nice, though.

I suggest NOT PLAYING. Seriously, if your just a month into the game then practice simply getting some execution down. There isn’t a point in knowing what you can and can’t do if your not even capable of doing it. I suggest getting a feel for the big 4 and learning crossups and timing ect so that when the actual pace for a real game comes up then it’s not that hard to adjust.

Mess around with characters until you find ones you like and then try and form some sort of team. Play single player until you get a feel for the game and improve the kinks in your team. Then start playing with others to improve.

I suggest not playing as well, psy does nest to nothing for cable and storm is good by herself. add sentinel and learn some tactics with him. or pick ironman and use the infinites. but these are just my suggestions

learning to use MSP already? man they advance man

personally i say learn the chars you naturally like first ,which youve been partly doing, then move on to the advance

and oh and sentinel, watc the videos… everybody loves him, whether its as an assist or on-point char, he rules.

good starter teams:


if you have a favorite character that you wanna throw in i recommend


sentinel and magneto are definitely the hardest characters to master, along with strider, spiral, etc

to add to

I have a question that has been bothering me lately. I have a good team that works well for me and although I seem to loose as much as I win with this team i stand a fair chance in almost any battle I go into

  1. Cable
    2)Iron Man
    3)Mega Man

My question is, with these there is there a good order I should select them in as well as is there a good assist type for each of them. Right now I use what the game recommends and I have been doing so for alittle while now.

^ I’d start Mega or IM, depending on who you’d rather lose first. None of the 3 have particularly safe DHCs in, so it doesn’t matter as much [EDIT: Exception: IM frame-kill Proton Cannon]. Mega will build meter faster, and also has better tools for all-purpose fighting. Personally I’d start IM and if I killed a character with the infinite, that’s gravy [EDIT: IM frame-kill PC changes things a little, could go either way].

I like projectile assist for Mega, and IM anti-air will probably buy you some free AHVB if you didn’t get him killed starting him. Cable pretty much has to be on anti-air, if only for CAHVB.

Hope that helps. Good luck.

sure did

It sure did and thank you but i have another question after reading your reply. If I was to drop mega man off my team is that wise and if it is who would be good to pick up. The only reason I use mega is for assist and his hyper combo.

Mega is pretty much as good as anybody that isn’t Big 4, unless you have some serious $hit up your sleeve with said low-tier character.

I would not replace him unless I had very good reason.

Ok thanks for your input

Thanks all for the responses ive been playing a lil more now and im really feelin gthe game so i think imm a continue with the game

Try not to adjust to just staying in the groud, some people will rush you down. Captain cammando is good too and yeah i suggest you practice with him just in case your two other characters get beaten. A good substitute for him is cyclops AAA because he can also play keep away and good setup for ahvb if assist hits opponent. Also for cable practice, practice, practice doing AHVBx3 :tup:

I remeber when i started playing, spiderman/akuma/megaman, good old days:sad:.

He’s new to mvc2 not 2D fighters. He already knows all that basic shit backwards and forwards.