A-Team Family Guy Avatars and Need Some Help

A-Team Family Guy Avatars and Some Requests Possibly

I got back into this after i had an idea for my AV. I made these but i didn’t it like it. I don’t know if anyone would want these but i made these. I could change the names for you too.

Up for Grabs (Just Tell Me)







edit - I decided to take some requests but it has to be premium and animated. Might take a while since i’ve been out of the game for a while.

this one o0o0o0o can i have the quagmire one? but wit my name on it?


if this is the sprite ill do it

il do the request but you couldve got those sprites from zweifuss. also, the free avatar thread is there for a reason, Sun.

nono…i don’t need anyone to make the Avatar…i just couldn’t find the sprites that i needed to make my own.

Gumz, thanks for that one but there isn’t one with him walking?

edit - shatter, yeah i kind of thought about that but i wanted the sprite request as well. Can i still keep this thread?

gumz i’ll make the av for u now.

double edit - Actual that site will work gumz i just went to the orignal…damn i missed that site from the resource thread and didn’t know if SF3 would have the pose i wanted. Thanks!!

Triple Edit -


Quad Edit - Maybe stay open to get some requests done?

you suck.


Oooh, can I have the second one?


Waddap Chibi. Here you go.


Awesome :3


I did this avatar for myself and i want to rock but waiting on DG’s approval since his work cameos in it. PM’ed him and waiting for his response.


Came from this Geico Caveman commercial: http://youtube.com/watch?v=H02iwWCrXew

I got the AV bug again so gonna open requests up. I only want to do premiums and animated. Might take time to make some.

Sure. Here you go!

Edit - Uh tone!'s post deleted… going back up for grabs

thanks sir!

(i just weirded up your topic cause im a fool, sorry about that :frowning: )

lol wtf! haha np

I deleted cause I THOUGHT I had posted a request elsewhere but didnt… sorry about that.

not a problem at all lol. i thought i was going crazy for a second there hahah

Those avs are looking sweet SunocO.

When ya whip something up let me know; cant think of anything to put in an av right now. :stuck_out_tongue:

those avater’s are great lol

I’m lovin that SRK geico one.

I hope there’s more. Trendy.

edit - If you have anymore geico ones I’d request in a instant. Start a trend lol…

make me one… pretty pretty please?


lmao thats great