A Test Based In Jung


Shutup and do it.

Mine said ENBT I believe, an inventor and “visionary” according to another site.

Ah, the Myers-Briggs.

I’m an INFP, the ‘dreamer’.



[LEFT]There is no ENBT.The 4 dichotomies are:[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Extraversion (E) -(I) Introversion[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Sensing (S) -(N) Intuition[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Thinking (T) -(F) Feeling[/LEFT]
[LEFT]Judging (J) -(P) Perception[/LEFT]

I have no idea where you got the B and T.


INTP – which is really just self affirming (as bullshit tends to be). Whats the B stand for?

B is for Believer.

can someone post what the results mean

there’s different ways to get intj

ENFP - “Journalist”. Uncanny sense of the motivations of others. Life is an exciting drama. 8.1% of total population.



I got Journalist, Entertainer, and Promotor cause some of my percents were split down the middle. Goes with my Sagittarius nature I guess.


Ah, Meyer-Briggs indeed. Jung, the great genius of the 20th century

INTP :smiley:

can u reexplain your post?

http://personalityjunkie.com is one of the better and newer sources for MBTI in case anyone is interested. Great profiles of each type are spread all around though

That certainly explains a lot.

INFJ… read that personality junky article on INFJ’s… fucking creepy how spot on that is to me.

Link doesn’t work for me, it just loads a blank screen.

^^ Use this link: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/JTypes2.asp


same here


It’s true that I do like helping people and I’m pretty persuasive but this article makes people with this personality type sound like hot shit lol, I don’t really think most of this applies to me.

use my link and find it from there. or google “[TYPE] profile”

I meant ENTP

This isn’t from the same site, but it’s based on the same stuff, I believe.

Normally I would agree with who said that it’s self-affirming bullshit, but Jung is extremely influential, and I had no expectations with this thing, so it’s not like I had anything in mind.