A theoretical overhead for Cammy



Just a theory, but I want to hear opinions about this.

I was playing with the idea, if Capcom should give Cammy a overhead, just as additional option for her to open up people.
Not that she needs one, but it’s just a theoretical idea.

In Alpha3 the Dolls had a slow overhead called Psycho Axe, this was a slow but pretty damaging and safe overhead. This was my first idea for a Cammy overhead,slow but safe. I could see this move with ~24f startup 0 on block and +2 on hit, +4 on counterhit.

The other Overhead the Dolls use, is Foxtail Decapre has it in SFIV. Foxtail has 17f startup and is -3 on block and +2 on hit and I think +4 on counterhit as well. I could see this overhead on Cammy too, it could be a nice tool.

The third option would be a complete new move. ~ 20f startup, -1 on block,+1 on hit and +3 on counterhit.

What do you think?
Does she even need one?
Would it make her overpowerd?
Or would it just be wrong, to give Cammy a overhead.


This can go either way as Cammy is pretty strong with or without one.
Then again, there is also the Cannon Strike’s… I wonder if those would offer viability as overheads. This is just me tossing a couple more ideas out there, however…


I vote for Cannon Strike hitting overhead, seeing as how it’s a jumping attack and it’s pretty much shit unless you hit them super deep.


I don’t know why it doesn’t hit overhead to begin with. It made since for awhile in 4, where it could be TK’d, but after that? Not so much. In 3S, divekicks were overheads and they were fine so it’s weird why it’d be a mid post that.


Divekicks could also be parried, so it’s not the same comparison. In SF4 I think it would be broken to have an overhead because you could do insane frame traps with instant jump back/neutral EX divekicks that lead to huge combos. In this game, divekicks are way worse, have huge hurtboxes that get stuffed by mashing lights, and can only be done from forward jump so I think an overhead would not make Cammy broken in any way. Especially since we’re already being punished for landing a throw while other characters get to continue pressure. It would make for a better, but risky, way to punish someone who is downbacking all day and building up gray life.


More or less. Cannon Strike becoming an overhead would be plausiable and it will also give Cammy players a decent incentive to go for 41236+P into the said dive kick or the additional follow ups. A relatively decent mix up option against opponents who want to stand up or trying to crouch, especially in the corner.


An overhead would be a great asset to have. I’m in between the foxtail or divekick for the most part. A new move could be interesting as well.


I think it would be a good idea. I played her through the beta and learned some decent combos. Recently switched to Ken because his combos are easier and the overhead option.


ok now I have to admit that would be broken. a straight up high/low mixup from hooligan if the divekick hit high while the throw hit standing opponents. Maybe non-hooligan divekick but even then, I think just a normal overhead would be the more reasonable option. It’s true that jabs can beat hooligan outright but in certain situations it would be really hard to avoid


I think she needs some kind of overhead. I honestly don’t think Cammy is very good in this game.


I personally believe in everyone having an overhead of some form.


I’d love an overhead. We can always dream, right? After all, SFIV Yun had dive kick, overhead, AND command grab :slight_smile:


To me it would feel uncammy-like having an overhead. Honestly I just want my throws to be useful again. About divekicks hitting high… I don’t know, I feel like most people always block them high already.


I think just making f.hk airborne is fair.


It’d be nice if the Cannon Strike out of Hooligan hit overhead. Be nice if it had more hit stun too…

f.HK should be an airborne move regardless. How did the devs and testers look at that move get grabbed and think it was OK?


I’d trade an overhead for her old air throw every single day of the week. So many style points for finishing a match with it in IV.

That said, she’s got some damn good tools without either.


So much this. Regardless of how much i know it aint airborn i keep freaking out everytime someone grabs me out of it lol. Everytime i yell i was airborn!!! Then i realize the sad truth and a tear silently comes down my cheek.

Tho this move would make cammy maybe too good if it was airborn? And remained at its -2 on block as it is now, but man that animation is so deceiving


its a good shimmy tool tho