A thoroughly logical take on the SF series

Enjoy! And I mean that in the loosest possible sense of the word.


I honestly don’t know what to say…

Shut up? Go die?

I stooped watching after he said:

“The only characters worth using are Ryu and Ken.”

Hey, Scott Popular’s in the related vids box.


The reviewers gotta be a troll… He just HAS to be…

Ryu’s, Ken’s, M.Bison’s and Sagat’s moves are the most balanced. Never thought about that.

Oh and this guy lives in like Minnesota or Wisconsin. Bet it. I can hear him crunching on Utz pork rinds…

BTW I love his comment about HD Remix. “It’s the same game, the same moves, different artist…some fucker with some name I can’t even pronounce shakashuka whatever.” I LOL’d. People in the HD Remix thread would have a field day with this guy.

Oh and apparently whoever made SF EX was drunk every fuckin day cuz that’s the only way they could come up with a name like Skullomania. TBH…I actually agree with that. Either that…or lots of Popeyes chicken.

One more thing to add as I’m watching the vid on the fly. WHen the guy starts talking about SF3 at 5:40…listen to the way he says Parry. GDLK. :lol:

These guys aren’t even worth 1 view. The worst thing about youtube is it’s given anyone with a camcorder and spare time a way to publicly distribute their moronic ideas.