A Thought on DeeJay

For the last few days with DeeJay, I’ve been playing a lot of ranked and a lot of endless with players from the offline scene.

In these matches, I have tried as hard as possible to play him like his ST iteration, and goddamn it is working. The vortex is unreliable and I’ve realised it should only be used against bad players or against members of the cast with shit reversals/wakeup options.

Focusing on zoning with fireballs and judicious use of cl.mp and far.hp for anti-airing, and using j.hp as an ambiguous crossup much like Ryu’s I’ve had a fair bit of success.

I’m just airing my opinion that DeeJay could possibly be played much more conservatively and less gimmicky than he is and have much more success than he is currently having.

One of the main reasons I’ve been playing a lot of DeeJay is that he is flexible. On characters without a good reversal, “the vortex” is the best way to whittle away a nice chunk of life; on Shotos and the like, zoning and anticipating jumps is probably the best strategy.

Dee is a great defensive character. Playing him in the ST-style isn’t far-fetched at all. Without a down-charge, at close range, jump-ins will still tag him, but he still has plenty of weapons to keep people out.
Dee Jay players (and all players, really) need to adapt to the opponent; when the player does this, Dee is as good as the rest of the cast.

trust me, cl.hk , far lp , slides and both variations of mp and hp work wonders, it a bit like chun’s anti-airing situation