A thread for people seeking teammates for Fuddruckers

I’ve been talking to quite a few people, and it apparently seems as though there are a lot of individuals without a team. Instead of hoping for people to read if your post to join a team, I thought it’d be nice to have this thread specifically for people who are seeking teammates for the upcoming 3v3.

Hopefully this thread will assist some of you guys to participate at Fuddruckers!

I will update this thread with the names of people who are seeking teammates, and also the teams that have come to fruition due to this thread. GOGOGO!

List of players who need teammates:

  • Thrust07(Bison)/Richard Li(Sagat)/Kineda
  • Slompo(Rog)/LB(Ryu)/Andry (Zangrief) Note: Andry is only for UCD, not Fuddruckers. Slompoop/GayB still need a 3rd for Fudds.
  • Shytzoo(Sak)/???/???
  • DopeUyuu(Ryu)/Botsu(Sagat)/Downback (Balrog)

I’ll be the first candidate to this thread…

Haven’t really been taking the game super seriously as of late, but believe I can still whoop that ass.
I took second place in the Sunnyvale CRAZAY 2vs2 Team Tournament with Illiterate. Lost in GF to FChamp and Hiro.

Let’s play together beforehand so we can get a chance to see if we’d be a good fit. Would be nice if I had a Sagat powerhouse as a teammate or what not.

Hollllla, holla

hi, i am currently seeking a rufus who can play a really good ricky ortiz and dhalsim who can play a good filipino champ.

i am very flexible as i am very coo with chunli that can also play a good ricky.

serious PMs only. thx in advance.

hi. daigo, momochi, or mago if you are reading this thread, pm me.

any one need team for davis?

Just got Richard Li on my team. Need a third.

Will beat

dat ass

LB and myself are looking for a potential teammate to join the gayest team of all time for both tournies serious applicants may apply.

Still lookin for a 3rd for Fudd’s Right now its my boy blazin and I (Boxer and Blanka)

andry: join us.

3 teams needing a final teammate, c’mon guys, i know there’s hella more of you fools out there.


I would volunteer but I don’t want to be bonus round during and after the tourney.

How about one of the two people team split up to fill the two teams needing a 3rd? :slight_smile:

:lol: I like this thread. I’m definitely going to the concord tourny. Not sure if I’ll be entering the tourny but am considering it. :sweat:

Our third bailed, so team of myself(downback) and shytzoo need another third.
If not, we will just split and start filling the remaining team slots.
I use Rog, shytzoo uses Sakura.

if anyone still needs a team me and botsu are still looking for a third person

i use ryu and botsu uses sagat

Thrust & DopeUyuu check your PMs.

If you guys decide on how to compile your teams, post on here so I know, k thx

cool me/parker/andry confirmed for fudd. you going to davis tourney too?

for davis not fudd. I got a fudd team

Got together with DopeUyuu’s team so it’s now

shytzoo still needs 2 people for a team