A thread to rant about online


You know you want to do it, so get it out of your system.

I’ll begin.

  1. Lag as seeing the game slow down doesn’t happen much (not even in 0 bar connections) but INPUT LAG is a bitch. When my opponent does a move that leaves him at a huge disadvantage if blocked and I block, try to punish and get counter hit instead…It makes me mad…

  2. The ranking system. I ranked up to Barbarian and then down to Hunter again. I never reject rematches whether I win or lose but many people seem to be cherry picking their way to the top, as they reject rematches if I win. I have taken my win rate from 35% to 50% and I have gotten demoted LOL. I will continue improving but ranking up is another story.

  3. People who get salty when they lose. I had never in my life gotten so many angry messages. One guy even sent me a lot of voice messages trying to explain why I was cheap and he had skills.


This is the nature of online. Also there are Match Making sections in each forum, especially www.virtuafighter.com.

Online should be for 1.) Shits-n-Giggles and 2.) an O K resourse for when you can’t make it to offline sessions OR you just want to chill and play this awesome game.


I know. This thread is for 1.) Shits-n-Giggles


I really don’t have much issue with lag but I stay FAR AWAY from anything but full bar connections because of how technical this game is. Also I may just not be good enough to really tell when its the game lagging or me sucking lol. The ranking system could do with some tweaking because theres this GIANT skill gap between ranks once you get to hunter, i never like a game demoting someone, I can see losing the points but I think once you achieve a plateau than you should stay there, and it shouldn’t be 3 ranks to get to another plateau, thats just disheartening to a player

that said I TOTALLY agree with the online community being crazy. I get so many messages with bitching when people lose. That said I get alot more GG’s on virtua fighter than most games so at least theres that.

though online is really the only time I can play with people other than my friends and honestly theres only one or two of my friends who play it enough to give me any sort of challenge so yea. A Online Warrior I stay


When I got demoted (from Barbarian to Hunter) I was annoyed. But then I learnt more stuff and now I’ve managed to improve my win/loss ratio (to 50%) and my rank (to Defender). I think being demoted is a good motivation to learn new stuff and not get stale. I’m actually looking forward to finding strong players so I get demoted and find the motivation to learn more new stuff again.


i despise how the ranking system works. i think you should get a bigger boost for beating opponents that are a skill plateau or two above you. i had a win streak against against a stream of defenders, veterans, and guardians and was stuck on raider for days. then i lose against 2 barbarians and a fellow raider and get demoted back to hunter.

other then that love everything else


I agree with you on that one. At first I thought you got a bigger boost for winning against high ranked players. But I think it only happens when you are at kyu or dan level. When you hit Hunter you only get big boosts or lose a big chunk of the bar when fighting ranks withing your 3 rank level. Fighting the other ranks also improves/decreases the rank bar, but only a little. I think winning against high ranked players feels great anyway. I have won against Warriors many times, so that’s the rank I want to achieve. I don’t think I’ve won against any higher than Warrior ranks, not enough times for me to remember it anyway,


The system is in place because it wants to discourage boosting, that’s why you need to fight people of your rank.

Also once you hit the Warrior ranks it changes slightly too, because fighting anyone within that rank doesn’t boost your bar that much. What boosts your bar a lot is to have win streaks. You get almost nothing if you beat someone once, but if you have a 5 game win streak, all against players within your rank group, you can fill up nearly half a bar.


i have the misfortune of rarely coming across people in my rank lol.


It makes a lot of sense. It explains why it is a lot harder to win against people who are ranked higher than Warrior, while anyone (probably even myself) can reach Warrior rank with a little bit of luck.


that actually makes me feel alot better. I’m still only a Raider and getting higher in rank is just gonna take me learning some more stuff and maybe getting better at knowing when a attack needs to be used especially lions 44K launcher.


so i got some hate mail lol. i beat the guy in two ranked matches in a row and he called me a scrub, loser, need to work on my skills etc. i am thinking to myself " but you lost. so if i am a scrub then you must garbage" . also i made it back to raider


If you make people rage you must be in the right direction LOL

VF5FS seems to strike people really weird. I have gotten more than 20 angry messages from salty losers.


that was the 3rd angry message i got from VF


You are on the right path.

Yesterday I won against a Jacky Shatterer. It felt good. I hate Jacky.


Jacky is the SF4 Ken of VF5 as far as I’m concerned. :ub:K is their flowchart.


I have almost lost my Defender rank for the second time. Worst still, I lost part of my rank bar to a lag switching rage quitting french player. LOL.


i agree 100%. i wish pai had a flip kick reversal like akira/aoi.

how is online against international players? i have been using the same region option


I’ve been using the worldwide option, and it seems pretty good to me. Granted, I don’t know where my opponents are from, but I think it’s safe to say that you shouldn’t have much problem fighting worldwide opponents.

By the way, the servers are pretty messed up right now, at least on the PS3. Don’t know about the 360.


thanks for the heads up.