A thread to rant about online


That’s me. I’m Square Ninja.

Also gg


Wishing people went into Player Matches still :expressionless:

Asked on VFDC shoutbox for matches but had to settle for ranked.


I just play whomever I can find, really.


Bad games to senpai21

So I came across some Assassin rank player named “senpai21” on PSN and beat up his Taka a couple of times with my Jean. I pretty much elbowed and low punched him to death because he would keep swinging at disadvantages. He gets one game on me, and sends me the message “bitch ass whore.” I laughed in his figurative face about gloating for winning once, and he accuses me of “spamming” low punch. I replied: “if all you do is swing dumb shit at disadvantage then sure I’ll low punch the piss out of you”. He gets mad, makes a room, invites me, and beats me one goddamn time during lag where I can’t block a low punch and low punch his next low punch. This is the message he sends me verbatim:

“IF ALL YOU DO IS SWING IF ALL YOU DO IS SWING. Now get out of my room. That right there proves you got no skill. Hitting LP in desperation without really watching your opponent. I’m done with you.”

Shortly thereafter he left the room, refusing to play me again. So yeah, his e-penis’s integrity is intact, and I’m really just laughing.


lol. senpai21… fought him numerous times and he almost always talks shit when he wins. so much anger. someone needs to give that dude a snickers and make sure he takes his mid afternoon nap.


btw, ggs squareninja/optimus cack. enjoyed the fights even though you destroyed me. looking foward to some more sessions.

psn: mfwebdude/beanhoc


Likewise. Lei-Fei, right? Sorry, not trying to sound like an asshole, I just see quite a few recurring names, and sometimes I confuse players.


I play the game but rarely ranked…I’m still training :slight_smile:


I want to give GGs to G1 Tin Tin. I saw he gave me GGs in VFDC but I don’t have an account there (cannot access VFDC from work). He has a great Shun and kicks my beginner Shun’s ass.


nah, akira. no worries, i have a hard time keeping up with all the players too. i’ll work on making our fights more memorable next time:) i’m still training.


Well, I tend to remember players better if I play long sets with them. There’s an oddly large contingent of Lei-Fei players I see on PSN, and they are gluttons for punishment always coming back. Jean’s 66P+K makes for an easy tool for crushing sabakis.

Next time I play you I’ll try to remember to record it and see if I can give you any pointers. I am by no means a great VF player, mind you.


why are all the jackie and brad players fucking scumbags


Why do 1/2 of the Wolf players try to play Wolf like Zangief?






On the note of Jacky payers being douches, why won’t anyone with “Jacky” in their name fight me? Can’t afford to lose their e-points, so they never play anyone lower ranked than themselves? Can’t be bothered to waste time on us scrubs? Stupid.

Sorry if someone here’s a Jacky player, I’m sure you’re all cool guys.


Chances you are if you play Jacky you alworship the devil in one or another at any given point in life. Doesn’t mean he isn’t fun though :slight_smile:


I was at Sentinel a couple weeks ago, but started to lose matches. I made it all the way down to Barbarian thanks to a lot of laggy matches, and terrible connections. Some poor in game decisions on my part, but that’s to be expected. I don’t understand the ranking system too well but it appears that losing one game is like losing five and winning one doesn’t do anything. Also, faced 5 Aoi players in a row earlier. Fuh dat shi, when I play a character like Kage.


Ranking up in this game is hard. It took me 6 demotions (1 from Raider, 1 from Barbarian, 2 from Defender, 2 from Sentinel) to reach Guardian. I know reaching the next rank will take me a couple demotions more.

About the ranking system: You need to fight people in your rank group. For example: 1st group is Hunter Raider Barbarian. 2nd group is Defender Sentinel Guardian


Can’t remember who said it, but some forum dingus postulated that Sega was very concerned about ranking people up too soon due to online play quirks. It would explain why demotions happen so quickly compared to promotions.